Blueface's Mom Defends Blue Ivy After Tokyo Toni Rants Against Beyonce

Karlissa Saffold urges Blac Chyna's mother to leave the singing diva's 11-year-old daughter out of Tokyo's hateful remarks about the 'Brown Skin Girl' songstress.

AceShowbiz - Two of the most notorious controversial mothers are clashing on the Internet. While she clearly doesn't have a glowing record when it comes to motherhood, Karlissa Saffold did not hesitate to school Tokyo Toni after the latter spewed hatred on Blue Ivy.

It all began with Tokyo's rant against Blue's mother Beyonce Knowles. Out of nowhere, Blac Chyna's mom launched into a tirade against the R&B artist in a video shared via her social media account on Friday, December 1.

"Dear Beyonce, try again," Tokyo began to read a message which she apparently had written on her phone. "Girl please, get out of here. Scripted, made-up pieces and portions. Dear Beyonce, can you do me a favor? Can you go to the Moon? Build your house there with your husband, and your kids."

She went on alleging the mother of three, "Why are you grooming our black children through your daughter? I don't care nothing about your BeyHive, those lil demons will get sprayed down with my mouth - pure Holy water." She then threatened any fans who dare to defend the Carter family.

Karlissa disagreed with Tokyo and despite Tokyo's warning, Karlissa wasn't deterred. In TheNeighborhoodTalk's comments section, she wrote back to Tokyo, "Girl, if you don't stop messing with Blue Ivy!"

Defending the 11-year-old teen, Blueface's mom said, "She is proving the Black children early work ethics through generational talent. Don't discourage her because she ain't out here getting pregnant and waiting to be nobody baby momma like us. Don't do her."

Some people are sensing a possible epic showdown between Tokyo and Karlissa, with many taking the latter's side. "this is what ive f**king been waiting for a Tokyo Toni vs Karlissa standoff this is the definition of the pot calling the damn kettle black!" one person reacted to Karlissa's remarks.

Agreeing with Karlissa, a second person weighed in, "Although I may not agree with everything she say or do Karlissa is funny I cannot and she ain't lie here." Another slammed Tokyo, "Tokyo, please. We're literally watching your daughter, in real time, heal from the life you gave her… go away with this..," while a fourth remarked, "Even a broken clock is right twice daily."

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