Netflix's 'Squid Game: The Challenge' Renewed for Season 2 Despite Controversy

In related news, the first season of the 'Squid Game'-based game show has finally crowned its winner after nine episodes of nail-biting games, unexpected betrayals as well as forged and broken alliances.

AceShowbiz - Netflix has greenlit "Squid Game: The Challenge" for a new season. On Wednesday, December 6, the streaming giant announced that the controversial game show, which is based on "Squid Game", will return for a sophomore season.

"There was no red light in our decision to greenlight Season 2 of 'Squid Game: The Challenge', the most ambitious unscripted show we've premiered at Netflix," said Brandon Riegg, Netflix VP of Nonfiction Series, in a statement. "We're so excited to continue the franchise of 'Squid Game' with our team in Korea, and producers at Studio Lambert and The Garden for this epic competition series."

In related news, the first season of "Squid Game: The Challenge" has finally crowned its winner. Following nine episodes of nail-biting games, unexpected betrayals as well as forged and broken alliances, Mai Whelan, Player 287, successfully took home the top prize of $4.56 million in the Wednesday finale. The 55-year old Virginia-native beat the other 455 contestants, including finalists Phil, Player 451, as well as Sam, Player 016.

The official synopsis of "Squid Game: The Challenge" reads, "456 real players enter the competition show in pursuit of a life-changing reward of USD $4.56 million. As they compete through a series of games inspired by the original show - plus surprising new additions - their strategies, alliances, and character will be put to the test while competitors are eliminated around them."

While the show tops Netflix's list of Top 10 English-language shows for the past two weeks, it sparked controversy regarding the alleged harsh conditions during the filming. Last month, some contestants reportedly threatened to take legal action against Netflix and the show's producers due to injuries they suffered during the filming.

"We have sent letters of claim on behalf of contestants injured in this show," Daniel Slade, CEO of British personal injuries law firm Express Solicitors, said in a statement. "From what we've been told, they pushed the boundaries of safety in the name of entertainment. Production companies need to ensure that health and safety standards on their shows don't leave people at risk of harm."

"Contestants thought they were taking part in something fun and those injured did not expect to suffer as they did. Now they have been left with injuries after spending time being stuck in painful stress positions in cold temperatures. One client describes seeing someone faint, then people shouting for medics," he further detailed. "We have a case where someone complains of hypothermia. One had his hands turn purple from the cold. Such injuries can have very serious long-term health implications. One of our clients complains of being given ill-fitting clothing despite the cold conditions."

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