Kim Zolciak Blasted as 'Desperate' for Sharing Fake Brielle Biermann Pregnancy Post as Clickbait

The 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star upsets her fans after sharing a fake sonogram picture implying that her daughter was pregnant and she's going to be a grandmother.

AceShowbiz - Kim Zolciak has upset her fans with her "baby" news. The former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant has been dragged online after posting fake Brielle Biermann pregnancy news for clickbait.

On Tuesday, November 28, the 45-year-old took to her Instagram page to post a fake sonogram picture implying her daughter was pregnant. "I'M SO EXCITED TO BE A GRANDMA! #LinkInBio" she wrote in the caption of the photo which was uploaded both to her feed and Story.

It, however, turns out to be a trick to make money. The link leads to a Celebuzz article from July that quotes Brielle as saying that her mom will be the "best" grandmother one day. According to TMZ, Brielle is not pregnant despite the post suggesting otherwise. As to why Kim promoted the article, it's said that she is getting a financial kickback from the clickbait article.

Kim turned off the comments of her post, but that didn't stop her followers from expressing their anger via social media. "Broke broke as a joke joke. Get that spending under control," one person wrote. Another called her "DESPERATE" for money, while someone alleged, "she was doing it in a play for attention."

"Whatever makes the news gets them paid at this point they will do anything to stay in the headlines!" a fourth claimed. Another warned, "I reported the post as false information! She can't keep doing this and making money off social with lies!!"

Others took it personally as someone said, "This actually makes me angry. As someone who went through multiple rounds of IVF to conceive a child, this is just not cool and low on so many different levels." Another echoed the sentiment, "No. Literally WTF. They have time for fake sonograms when there are women praying for one."

Others wrote comments like, "This is pretty low," "This is beyond gross and so tactless," "Kim is wildly inappropriate for that post," "Psychotic, desperate behavior" and "Sick sick sick."

Kim has been reported struggling financially amid her marital issue with Kroy Bierman. She recently sold some of her designer stuff, but insisted that it wasn't because she's broke. "I have a ton of stuff I bought over the years so selling what I don't want. That's all," she wrote during a Q&A with her followers earlier this month.

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