Blueface Spends $10K to Grab McDonald's Mid-Flight on Private Jet

The 'Thotiana' hitmaker is flying on a private jet from Atlanta to Los Angeles when he begs the pilot to make a quick stop so that he can grab some burger and fries to fill his empty stomach.

AceShowbiz - Blueface has taken flexing to another level. Having shot to fame with a 2019 remix of his song "Thotiana" featuring Cardi B, the rapper did not mind spending extra money to grab McDonald's on his way to Los Angeles on a private jet.

On Monday, November 27, the 26-year-old and his baby mama Jaidyn Alexis were embarking on a flight from Atlanta to his hometown. But mid-way to L.A., he was apparently so hungry that he couldn't wait to arrive in L.A. to fill his empty stomach.

In a video shared by the rapper himself on his Instagram Story, he was seen begging the pilot to pull over so that he could grab a bite before continuing his trip with Jaidyn. "Bruh, I'm hungry. Aye, tell the pilot to stop and get me a burger real quick, bro," he said in the video.

A frustrated colleague was heard reminding Blue that they're on their way to L.A. and that the fee to turn the plane around would be about $10,000. "Turn around? The f**k we gonna turn around for?" Blueface questioned. "Tell him to land this muthaf**ka right here in Atlanta, bro. I'm gonna get a burger real quick, bro."

Blueface apparently got what he wished for as he was seen recording himself once the plane landed in Atlanta. "I appreciate that. I'm gonna get a burger and be right back," he said to someone unseen, possibly the pilot.

In a follow-up video, the "BDD" emcee was seen returning to the private jet with his McDonald's order, which included fries. He expressed very little regret as he bragged while walking on the tarmac, "This McDonald's right here cost me $10,000 just for this little burger." He added, "I'm a Schoolyard Crip, I'm really him. Dead homies, $10,000 just for a burger. It's a combo though, you know."

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