Blueface's Mom Karlissa Saffold to Join Adult Platform on Rapper's Birthday
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The mother of the 'Thotiana' rapper reveals that she is going to transform her body with the help of a trainer before joining the adult platform in January 2024.

AceShowbiz - Karlissa Saffold has shocked many with an announcement. The mother of rapper Blueface, whose real name is Johnathan Jamall Porter, spilled that she is joining OnlyFans on the "Thotiana" rapper's upcoming birthday.

The 26-year-old hip-hop artist's mother made the surprising claim during an Instagram Live, which was later reshared in an Instagram post on Sunday, November 26. In a clip from the livestream, she was speaking to her viewers and said, "I have to roll out this OnlyFans for Johnathan's 27th or 26th birthday. You know I lose track, I ain't that good of a mama."

Karlissa went on to explain, "So this would be a good birthday present to roll out on January 20. Whoever can help me get my body together by January 20th to roll out my Onlyfans I would appreciate [it]. They would get full credit for my transformation."

She further elaborated, "You gotta be willing to do it for free. [You] might have to move in as I need somebody to watch me [to] make sure I don't eat these f**king donuts. By six weeks to do a body transformation on me." She also vowed that she is "willing to do whatever it takes so that we can roll this out on January 20th."

In the same video, Karlissa appeared to have trolled Blueface by joking that he would be happy once he learns that his mother is joining the adult platform as he previously deemed her a whore. She stated, "Let's show them how these whores do it. Ain't that what he called me?"

"Show him and Dre how it's done," Karlissa continued. While smiling, she then exclaimed, "Do it for the kids! Do it for the kids! I'mma do it for the kids...if they want to make jokes. We got a joke for that a**, baby."

It did not take long for the post to be flooded with online responses. In the comments section, one Instagram user penned, "Damn at least she can admit that she's not a good mama! Sad!" Another joined in, "This lady is weird and she is doing whatever to be viral."

In the meantime, a third asked Karlissa, who was documented dipping her body in an outdoor bathtub, "Why the back of her hot tub look like that??" A fourth wrote, "Sounds like she's talking through a tennis ball, she's gotta be one of the worst parents on IG."

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