Cardi B Insists She's Not Lying About Working Out Despite Having Liposuction

The 'Bodak Yellow' hitmaker explains to her critics why she still needs to go to the gym despite already going under the knife to get rid of her unwanted weight.

AceShowbiz - Cardi B has fired back after a social media user accused her of claiming to have gotten her enviable figure by going to the gym when she's had liposuction. The "WAP" hitmaker has been candid about the cosmetic procedures she has undergone and insisted she has to work out to lose the visceral fat because going under the knife won't fix it.

"How vocal have I been about my procedures??? The thing is I don't gain weight much so I'm trying to gain MUSCLE cuz it's hard for me to maintain fat…," she responded on X.

"Also there's this thing called visceral fat…It's fat that grows under the muscle and you can't lipo it only thing you can do is work it out! THATS WHY YOU SEE POUCHES ON LIPO GIRLS. YOU HAVE TO MAINTAIN IT! (sic)"

Cardi recently declared that she is proud to be a "hot mom" with a "more voluptuous" body since pregnancy. The 31-year-old rapper - who has daughter Kulture, five, and son Wave, two, with her fellow rapper husband Offset - thinks her figure is even sexier since she had kids and believes pregnancy has turned her into a "real woman."

Speaking to, she said, "Besides the fact that my body is a little bit more voluptuous now, I just feel like I have turned into a real woman. I'm not a kid anymore - when it comes to my body, when it comes to my mentality, when it comes to how I move. Sometimes it's crazy when I'm like, 'Wow, I'm a mom.' But I'm a cool mom. I'm a hot mom... You know that song that be like 'Stacy's mom / You got it going on.'? It's like, wow, I'm really Stacy's mom."

The "Bongos" hitmaker has worked hard in the gym and had liposuction to get back into shape following her two births, and knows she looks great and she won't let any troll posting on her Instagram bring her down.

She said, "Listen, you gotta love yourself because one thing I know from being on display for millions of people is that somebody is always going to find a flaw. I have done lipo. I have worked out. And if I feel like I look my best, for some reason, somebody will always find a flaw. That goes to show that you cannot please anybody, you gotta please yourself... Like, nobody can convince me that I don't look good."

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