'The Golden Bachelor': Gerry Turner's Rose Ceremony Decision Revealed in Tearful 'Women Tell All'
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Before it's finally revealed who is sent home in the latest Rose Ceremony, the 14 ladies who have been eliminated before reunite with the leading man for an emotional 'Women Tell All'.

AceShowbiz - Viewers of "The Golden Bachelor" found out Gerry Turner's decision in last week's Rose Ceremony in the Thursday, November 9 episode of the ABC series. However, viewers were brought to the "Women Tell All", where the 14 eliminated ladies reunited with Gerry for some emotional moments, before the revelation was made.

Host Jesse Palmer discussed several topics during "Women Tell All", including the feud between Kathy and Theresa which led to Kathy's elimination in episode 4. "Could I have been a little more delicate? I could have. Maybe we both should have zipped it," Kathy said. Noting that she didn't have hard feelings for Theresa, she added, "It's past, it was in the moment."

That aside, the ladies were all supportive of each other. "We've all been through a lot of ups and downs. Life be life-ing, baby," Natascha noted. "And you need people whose shoulder you can lean on and who have your back."

Another thing that should be noted from the episode was Kris Jenner's special video for Susan, whom many dubbed the momager's doppelganger. "You are amazing, I love your style. Love the hair. You nailed it doll," "The Kardashians" star gushed over Susan in the video.

Later, Joan addressed her dramatic exit in episode 3. She revealed that she's hoping she could rekindle her romance with someone in the future. Ellen also shared a loving message for Gerry, thanking him for "making [her] feel like a princess." At the end, Gerry wanted everyone to know that despite their age, "[they] have meaning, and many things to offer." He added, "We made history together. We have so much to be proud of."

It was finally time to find out Gerry's decision in the Rose Ceremony last week. After much deliberation, Gerry presented the final rose to Theresa which meant Faith was eliminated. Faith couldn't hold back her tears as Gerry escorted her to the SUV.

Later, Faith joined others onstage on "Women Tell All". She shared a hug with Gerry while crying. Gerry felt sorry for breaking his promise to Faith's family when he told them he would protect Faith's heart. "And I broke that promise. That's so awful," Gerry said. However, Faith assured Gerry that she knew he was only being true with his feelings.

Before the episode ended, a preview for the next episode saw Gerry and the remaining two women, Leslie and Theresa, having fun in Costa Rica.

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