Artist of the Week: Megan Thee Stallion

The 'Hot Girl Summer' hitmaker is unstoppable even without the support of a major label as her first independent single 'Cobra' sends her straight to the top spot on the streaming charts.

AceShowbiz - Megan Thee Stallion is fully taking control of her career and showing her powers as an independent artist with her latest single, "Cobra". This release marks a significant milestone for Megan as it is her first indie release since the chart-topping femcee parted ways with her previous label, 1501, following a highly-publicized feud.

In "Cobra", Megan shows a vulnerable side as she opens up about the loss of her parents and the emotional turmoil caused by leaving a cheating boyfriend. Through her lyrics, she fearlessly expresses her pain and experiences, connecting with her audience on a deeper level. This authenticity is what has made Megan so relatable and beloved among her fans.

"Cobras exemplify courage and self-reliance. They stand tall and fierce in the face of challenges, teaching one to tap into their inner strength and rely on oneself to conquer their treats. Emulating the cobra helps one be more confident in the person they are within," she explained.

The success of "Cobra" speaks volumes about Megan's talent and the impact she has had on the industry. The single quickly climbed the charts, reaching the number one spot on the US iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap charts. She is expected to dominate multiple other charts in the coming days as the track gained a strong traction.

Following eventful years that included a legal battle with Tory Lanez, Megan Thee Stallion shows resilience and determination to overcome obstacles and carve her own path in the music industry. With her unique style, fierce attitude, and empowering lyrics, Megan continues to break barriers and inspire a new generation of artists.

As Megan Thee Stallion continues to make her mark in the music industry, fans can expect more wonderful music from her as the female musician proudly declared, "We're doing everything funded straight out of Megan Thee Stallion's pockets … We are in my pockets, hotties, so let's do our big one."

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