Country Star Hardy Blames Bus Accident for Crippling Panic Attacks That Lead to Hospitalization

The 'Give Heaven Some Hell' crooner gets 'honest' with his fans about his mental health issues as he's forced to cancel two of his upcoming shows while he's currently in the hospital.

AceShowbiz - Hardy is getting honest about his mental health issues. The country music star has revealed that he is suffering crippling panic attacks that have landed him in the hospital, forcing him to cancel several of his upcoming shows.

The 33-year-old made use of his social media page to address the matter on Tuesday, October 3. He began his Instagram post, "I need to be honest with everyone for a second." Blaming his 2022 tour bus crash for his anxiety, he penned, "I've been dealing with some serious anxiety since the bus accident last year, and over the last two weeks it has taken control of my life."

"It's caused me to suffer many panic attacks, which have landed me in the hospital," he went on sharing. "I need a moment to focus on me and to make myself better for my wife, family and you, the fans."

Announcing the show cancellation, he added, "Unfortunately I will need to cancel the two the mockingbird & THE CROW Fall Tour shows on Oct. 5th & 7th. Refunds for these two shows will be available from point of purchase. The Georgia Rodeo show will be moved to April 12th 2024. Hold on to your tickets, they will be valid for the new 2024 date."

Hardy, whose real name is Michael Wilson Hardy, went on stating that he hopes to be back to work on October 12. "My plan is to be back and focused on Oct 12th. Thank you for understanding, see you soon," he concluded his statement.

Hardy turned off the comments of the post, by many users have since shown their support for the "Some Things Never Change" singer by liking the post. Fellow musician Bobby Amaru, the vocalist of rock band Saliva, was one of more than 160k followers who hit the like on the post.

Hardy was involved in an accident last year when his tour bus crashed in October 2022 in Nashville. There were four people in the bus, including Hardy, who were all treated for significant injuries.

While he was immediately released from the hospital, Hardy revealed that the bus driver needed further treatment at the hospital and asked for prayers for the bus driver. "Our friend, and bus driver needs your prayers as he is still in the hospital," he wrote. "His family is with him while he is being treated and we're all pulling and praying for him."

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