Kerry Washington Dishes on Shaquille O'Neal's DMs to Her

The 'Little Fires Everywhere' star calls out the retired Los Angeles Lakers player during a discussion about famous stars who have wanted to contact her 'as a friend or otherwise.'

AceShowbiz - Kerry Washington has unveiled that Shaquille O'Neal once slid into her Direct Message page. When making an appearance on "Watch What Happens Live", the "Little Fires Everywhere" star dished on the messages he sent to her on the Instagram message section.

In the Thursday, September 28 episode of the show, the 46-year-old Emmy winner called out Shaquille upon receiving a question from host Andy Cohen about famous stars who have wanted to contact her "as a friend or otherwise." In response, she pointed out, "Um, Shaq, Shaquille O'Neal."

Andy appeared surprised by Kerry's answer, and exclaimed, "Wow!" In return, Kerry went on to spill the reason why he contacted her. She said, "He's a big 'Scandal' fan." She was making a reference to her series wherein she portrayed Olivia Pope. "He's always like, 'I'll do anything for command,' " she explained as referring to the title that her character uses to call her father.

During the chat, Kerry also unveiled that Oprah Winfrey is "the most famous star in her phone contacts." Meanwhile, one celebrity who texted her most recently was Jennifer Aniston. She recalled, "Yeah, [Jennifer] sent me proof that she had just bought the book. It was really cute." She was referring to her newly-released memoir "Thicker than Water".

The actress/author appeared on the show to promote the book which she released on Tuesday, September 26. In it, she discussed various topics, including her family secret. "This really is a book about me. I now get to step into being the most important person in my life," she said about the memoir in an interview with PEOPLE published on September 25.

"I really started to have so much more love and compassion and understanding for my parents," she continued. "Taking this deep dive into our family history made me put myself in their shoes and think about the things that they've had to navigate and what they've been through and what they've sacrificed. And it really made me feel closer to them."

Kerry previously shared that her book is a "personal project." In a separate interview with PEOPLE released in January, she stated, "Writing a memoir is, by far, the most deeply personal project I have ever taken on. I hope that readers will receive it with open hearts and I pray that it offers new insights and perspectives, and invites people into deeper compassion, for themselves and others."

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