Blueface Denies Posting Pic of Son's Genitals, Chrisean Rock Is 'Glad' for Keke Palmer's Support

The 'Thotiana' rapper claims his phone was stolen, prompting his Twitter account to be used against his free will to share the inappropriate photo of his newborn son.

AceShowbiz - Blueface has denied any wrongdoing after he came under fire for posting a picture of his infant son's genitals amid his social media feud with Chrisean Rock. After the photo that show his child's condition with hernia was uploaded to his Twitter account, he claimed that he was hacked.

The Los Angeles native told his social media followers on Monday, September 25 that his phone was recently stolen, prompting his Twitter account to be used against his free will. "My phone was stolen yesterday I just got a new one guys im back my twitter was hacked," so he tweeted after seemingly taking control of his account back.

Blueface and Chrisean have been going back-and-forth on social media after he revealed that their newborn son has hernia. Calling Chrisean an "unfit" mom, he slammed her for delaying surgery for their son and missing medical appointments for the baby.

Having been a mother herself, Keke Palmer has come to Chrisean's defense. "This is so sad to me, especially as a new mom," the Chicago native wrote on Instagram on Monday. "I didn't wanna say nothing or involve myself [in] anything but my heart is breaking for all involved. This is exactly what maternal health care is about."

"It doesn't matter how you feel about Chrisean before, now she's a mother and for that BABY she needs help and proper CARE!" the "Scream Queens" alum continued to pen, "Why doesn't anyone care about her or any of THE OTHER MOTHERS THAT ARE STRUGGLING? She is just ONE but the face of MANY!"

"My heart is so hurt about this because this a cycle that continues," the 30-year-old added. "Was anyone there to help Chrisean's mother and support her through maternal health care? How was she able to help her kids as a single mother? God knows I'm not perfect but HELP THESE MOTHERS BECAUSE THEIR CHILDREN NEED THEM AND THE CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE."

Despite the positive message, Chrisean initially took issue with Keke going public instead of addressing the matter privately with her. "Keke Palmer we got each other number u chiming in like we don't each other numbers is whatever.....," she responded on Twitter. "Jr Dad is just somebody that I have to really stay away from I gave him the benefit of doubt. But everyone that's speaking on my behalf hit my dm or ask me for my number."

Chrisean, however, later changed her mind after she linked up with the actress. "Me and Keke talked," she confirmed in a follow-up tweet. Thanking the "Nope" star for her support, she penned, "I'm Gladd keke entered the chat. Other mothers should uplift each other instead other s**t. I'm sorry keke I read it wrong n got to popping my s**t cuz this s**t so sensitive rn I'm just done with ppl speaking up against me through a sensitive situation rn."

"The keke effect gon have u n***a back begging," she went on claiming, before adding, "My son father doesn't know anything bout his appointments it's staying tht way."

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