Law Firm Threatens to Unleash Evidence of Post Malone's Alleged 'Physical Abuse' of Ex-GF Ashlen
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Martorell Law, who has been suing Posty and Ashlen since 2022, reveals in new court documents that Ashlen told them about the rapper allegedly physically abusing her during their relationship.

AceShowbiz - A law firm suing Post Malone threatened to unleash evidence related to the rapper's alleged "physical abuse" of his ex-girlfriend, Ashlen Diaz. Martorell Law claimed in new court documents that they have photos and text messages regarding the incident.

For the record, Martorell Law filed a lawsuit against Posty and Ashlen in 2022. The firm itself was hired by Ashlen to represent her in negotiations with the emcee for an alleged $350,000 breakup settlement.

Martorell Law claimed they should get their cut of the settlement after being left out of the final deal. The lawyers also said that they entered into a "contingency fee" agreement with Ashlen to "represent her in a civil action" against Posty. In other words, the law firm would get a percentage of any money settled with the rapper depending on how long it took to end the case.

The firm has been seeking damages. The "Rockstar" hitmaker, however, recently demanded the lawsuit be dismissed. He also argued that he had no control over his ex Ashlen, with whom he broke up in 2018 after three years of dating. Ashley herself has done the same thing.

Refusing to give up, Martorell Law fired back at Posty's claim saying he had no control over Ashlen. According to, the firm revealed that Ashlen told them about the rap star allegedly physically abusing her during their relationship.

The firm believed that Posty had "pressured and coerced Defendant Diaz" into dismissing her lawyer. Posty allegedly did so "in order to avoid paying a higher settlement sum, and in order to continue manipulating his victim, Defendant Diaz, using his money, power, and control over her to prevent her story from being shared with the world and to avoid near-certain litigation."

In the motion, the firm asked the court to let them include detailed "factual allegations, including images and text messages." They added, "Put simply, coercion and pressure of one's romantic partner combined with physical and emotional abuse in violation of the Penal Code, in an effort to deprive that person of competent legal counsel and with the knowledge that the actor is also depriving legal counsel of its attorneys' fee, constitutes an independent wrongful act."

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