Post Malone Dragged to Court Over Alleged $350,000 Breakup Settlement With Ashlen Diaz

The 'Circles' hitmaker is being sued by his ex-girlfriend's legal team from a law firm named Martorell Law, which asks for a percentage of any money from the breakup settlement.

AceShowbiz - Post Malone is being dragged to court by Ashlen Diaz's legal team. The "Circles" hitmaker has been sued by a lawyer representing his ex-girlfriend over an alleged $350,000 breakup settlement.

According to the court documents obtained by The Blast on Monday, April 4, the 26-year-old rapper was sued by a law firm, Martorell Law, which claimed they should get their cut of the settlement after being left out of the final deal. In the paperwork, the lawyers noted that they were hired by Ashlen following the breakup of the former couple.

As for the reasons why Ashlen hired them, the lawyers explained that one of their duties was to negotiate a settlement and payments from Post to his ex-girlfriend following the end of their 3-year relationship. The firm also said they entered into a "contingency fee" agreement with Ashlen to "represent her in a civil action" against the "Sunflower" artist. In other words, the law firm would get a percentage of any money settled with the rapper depending on how long it took to end the case.

In the complaint, the attorneys stated that they helped Ashlen with "researching palimony law…investigating facts of the claim, and reviewing substantial evidence and data." Palimony in California has to do with one partner possibly owing another financial support after a couple lived together for a long period of time.

In the filing, Martorell claimed they began rendering services to Ashlen in 2019, following the split, and communicated with Post's lawyers over the case. At some point, they said the "Stoney" artist contacted his ex-girlfriend and "proposed, coerced and pressured her to discharge (the lawyers) so that he could settle (the case) alone, and gain the benefit of her not having the assistance of (her lawyers)."

According to reports, Post and his ex-girlfriend went their separate ways in 2018 after three years together. At the time, it was said Ashlen broke up with the rock star while he was busy recording an album in Utah.

The pair reportedly started dating in 2015. During their early days, Ashlen supported his career. "Ashlen booked Post a show in Dallas before he was big and knew what she was getting herself into. Post loves Ashlen and cares about her but lives his life as though he's a rock star. He's still so young," a source said of their relationship.

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