Bambi Reduced to Tears by Scrappy's Heartfelt Apology After Ugly Divorce

In a new episode of 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta', the former spouses have a one-on-one conversation during which Scrappy admits that he 'hurt' her but he still loves her.

AceShowbiz - Bambi and Lil Scrappy appear to have found a common ground after months of tension between them. Following their ugly divorce earlier this year, the former couple got candid about their real feelings for each other in a new episode of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta".

In a touching moment from the episode, Bambi and Scrappy had a one-on-one conversation during which he apologized to his ex-wife for hurting her "heart." He also said that he still loves her which she reciprocated.

He said in a clip of the outing, "I appreciate you. I love you. You're a great mom. I feel like you're a good person. I do wanna tell you that I'm sorry I hurt your heart because I do love you. And everything that happened it was part of my ego... I can still say I love you."

Bambi was clearly moved by Scrappy's confession as she tearfully responded, "I can say the same. I love you. I always will. I mean we got three kids. This thing ain't easy for me and I just felt like you never enough grace for like everything that I had to go through."

While holding her hands, Scrappy added, "You're not perfect, but you're a blessing. I appreciate everything you've done for me."

Many fans were also moved by the raw moment between the twosome, with one viewer admitting, "Why did I have to see this scene I’m just crying real tears cus this is real reality life."

Others praised Scrappy for taking accountability for his mistakes. "Congratulations Scrappy on manning up. What a beautiful moment. Displays strength, solid character and respect. Well done Scrappy on giving the mother of your children her flowers. I hope you both work it out. Lots of love there," one person reacted.

Another weighed in, "It takes a lot of self reflecting, healing, and growing to do what they did. Not everyone can do that. It was very much needed on both parts. When you're able to put pride, hurt, naysayers, and whatever else to the side for these types of conversations you know you've grown. I love this for them."

Someone else chimed in, "Love a accountable king! This is beyond respectable! Apologizing and being accountable for your actions takes a real and it’s not about getting back together it's just about knowing when you were wrong and righting your wrongs. Big ups to scrap for this!"

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