'AGT' Recap: Final Acts Hit Stage for Qualifiers 5 Ahead of Season 18 Finale

In the new episode, the last 11 acts perform in front of the judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara before the full list of finalists will be revealed in the next episode.

AceShowbiz - "America's Got Talent" season 18 aired its Qualifiers 5 on Tuesday, September 19. In the new episode, the last 11 acts performed in front of the judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara before the full list of finalists will be revealed tomorrow.

Kicking off the night was 11-year-old mariachi singer from Texas, Eduardo Antonio Trevino. Hoping to impress the judges, Eduardo sang Oscar-winning lullaby "Remember Me" from "Coco". Sofia claimed that he's already a "star," while Heidi praised him for his amazing range.

Following it up, Grace Good returned to the stage to bring another performance where she mixed hula hoop artistry with aerialism. Heidi and Sofia gave her a standing applause. Simon called it an amazing act, while Howie pointed out that there were some mistakes in the performance.

Lachune then took the stage, performing a big ballad rendition of "Simply the Best". Everyone was on their feet for the performance, except for Howie. Heidi said that "everything about this performance was stunning." As for Simon, he loved how she made the song her own version and said there's moments in her performance that felt like it actually was her own song. Howie, however, noted that he didn't think that the song was enough for her to get to the finale.

Eseniia Mikheeva later showcased her energy, acrobatics and agility in her routine to Ciara's beat-heavy "Level Up". Sofia praised the 7-year-old dancer for her talent, with Simon applauding her for her "personality, confidence and talent." Heidi added that Eseniia was a "great entertainer."

Mandy Muden brought quick change artistry to the table in addition to offering laughter with a trick box. Howie was totally impressed, saying that Mandy "checked every box" in the performance. However, Heidi claimed that she was looking for "more wow" in the magic elements of her act.

Performing next was 20 women of Avantgardey. The group performed a sped up Japanese song that fully showcased their synchronicity that earned standing ovation from everyone but Simon. Heidi said that they looked like dolls that came to life and Sofia called the group "unique and weird."

Trailer Flowers opted to sing another original song for their performance. Howie pressed his red X buzzer amid their performance. Sofia said that while they sounded nice, the song and costumes didn't resonate with her and Simon agreed.

The Ramadhani Brothers were up next. Despite a couple near-slips in the first stage of their routine, the acrobatic balancing act managed to get through the entire thing safely. Heidi dubbed the brothers one of the best acts in the world. Sofia added that the act was unforgettable, with Howie noting that they're his favorite act of the night.

Sofia's Golden Buzzer, Brazilian singer Gabriel Henrique, was the next performer. Singing "Something Beautiful" by Jacob Banks, Gabriel extremely moved Sofia with his performance. Heidi praised his "unbelievable talent," while Howie admitted that he won him over the high note that he did during his performance.

Korean magician Sangsoon Kim opted to do hand magic for his second performance, but not everyone was impressed. Sofia said Sangsoon made magic cool, but it wasn't as good as his first audition. Simon agreed, saying that while Sangsoon stood out because he didn't use cards, his performance wasn't as good as before.

Rounding out the night was 82nd Airborne Chorus who sang a rendition of Pink's "I Am Here". Simon gave them a standing ovation, thanking the group for their service and for not singing an obvious song. Sofia said that the performance was even better than their audition and Howie called it perfect.

The results of Qualifiers 5 and the finalists will be revealed in the Wednesday episode of "America's Got Talent".

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