Blueface Under Investigation by Child Protective Services Over Exotic Dancers Video
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The 'Thotiana' rapper reportedly has got a visit from officials at his home in San Fernando Valley nine times since May 2023, with the most serious call coming after he brought scantily-clad women around his kids.

AceShowbiz - Blueface is clearly not the best father ever. After questioning Chrisean Rock's parenting ability, the rapper has been unveiled to have received numerous visits from cops and the Department of Children and Family Services.

According to TMZ, sheriff's deputies have been called to the 26-year-old's Los Angeles-area home in San Fernando Valley nine times since May 2023. The most serious call prompted an investigation after Blueface brought strippers around his kids.

In a video posted on social media in July, Blueface taunted his 6-year-old son who was hiding in the pantry while half-naked women were dancing in the living room with Jaydin Alexis. "Son, come here. It's booty cheeks out here and you're in here looking for chips and Slim Jims. You ain't gay is you?" Blueface could be heard asking Jayvaughn.

Blueface currently still has his son and the DCFS investigation hasn't moved forward, in part because no one answered the door or picked up the phone when deputies were called to the house. Law enforcement says other calls to the house include noise complaints for loud music and barking dogs.

The news comes after Blueface threatened to take his newborn baby from Chrisean Rock after she gave birth to their son named Chrisean Malone on September 3. "If she don't take my son serious an make that her main focus an priority for atleast 30days I will file for custody you've been warned," he warned on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"My kid not finna be molested and touched on like everybody in her family dead homys," the Los Angeles native, who was enraged by Chrisean being at the gym, continued. "I don't play them typa games."

After Chrisean's tearful response, he clarified that he had no intention to take the baby. "I'm putting pressure on her to tighten up she's under a microscope now so she needs to take my son serious," he penned on Instagram Story. "I have no intentions of taking him from her but if she don't get a grip and focus on our son instead of clout I will have to do what is best for the baby idc about rock I care about the baby."

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