The new footage of the upcoming sophomore season of the Disney+ series gives a better look at a Thor villain who makes an appearance on the show in the form of a billboard poster.

AceShowbiz - Disney+ has unveiled a new trailer for upcoming season 2 of "Loki". The new footage, shared on Monday, September 4, gives a better look at a Thor villain who makes an appearance on the show in the form of a billboard poster.

In the new trailer, fans can spot a big billboard featuring Zaniac. Fans of Marvel Comics may be familiar with the character, who is described as a parasitic entity from the Dark Dimension.

Making his debut in "Thor 319" in May 1982, Zaniac is an entity that possesses a human to act as Dormammu's agent. After leaping from host to host, the parasitic entity eventually possessed an actor named Brad Wolfe while working on a film titled "Zaniac!", which was about a serial killer who targets women as his path for revenge against his mother who abused him when he was a child.

As he was infected with the entity during filming, Brad was caught in a nuclear explosion from the Manhattan Project. That led to his transformation as Zaniac. Thor eventually stopped the villain after he attacked a woman.

Elsewhere in the trailer, it shows another look at Rafael Casal's Brad Wolfe. He is seen smiling at fans and press as he's about to enter his car in front of what seems to be a theater. He is also featured being confronted by Tom Hiddleston's Loki and Owen Wilson's Mobius in an alleyway.

Joining Tom in season 2 are Ke Huy Quan (O.B.) and Jonathan Majors (Kang the Emperor). Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Sophia Di Martino, Wunmi Mosaku, Eugene Cordero, Tara Strong, Kate Dickie, Liz Carr and Neil Ellice also star in the sophomore season.

Tom, who first portrayed Loki in 2011's "Thor", hinted that things will get "chaotic" in season 2. "At the end of season 1, the story isn't over. I think that's really clear," the actor revealed to Total Film. "Loki's almost more unstable, and as turbulent and passionate and chaotic as he's ever been. And maybe some of that needs resolution. There's stuff to unpack."

Season 2 of "Loki" is set to be available for streaming on October 6 on Disney+.

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