Tory Lanez Allegedly Marries His Baby Mama While Incarcerated

In documents for his bail motion, the Canadian rapper's fiancee Raina Chassagne, who is the mother of his six-year-old child, is now described as his wife.

AceShowbiz - Tory Lanez's legal problem apparently did not stop him from making his union with his baby mama official. The Canadian rap star is revealed to be a married man now, based on a new legal motion regarding his bail.

The 31-year-old is seeking a motion in the Superior Court of Los Angeles to be released on bail after he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the shooting case involving Megan Thee Stallion. Legal Affairs & Trials reporter Meghann Cuniff obtained a copy of the legal documents and posted it on Twitter.

"From his sentencing hearing engagement announcement to his bail motion wedding announcement, Tory Lanez's relationship status has advanced rapidly in the last few weeks," Meghann noted in the caption of her post. "His fiancee is now his wife, according to the motion."

The bail motion additionally reveals the rapper's future plans should he be released back into society. "If released, he would live locally in the Los Angeles area with his wife, Raina Chassagne, and their child, aged six years old," it reads.

"Upon receiving bail, Mr. Peterson's wife and child will be relocating from Florida to Los Angeles, where the child will be regularly attending school," it continues. "They will rent a home near Mr. Peterson's father, step-mother, siblings, and their children."

The journalist also called out Tory's attorney Jose Baez, who was seen out in Italy and allegedly not tending to the rapper's case. "I was right about Jose Baez not prioritizing Tory Lanez's bail motion while in Italy - it's not his motion," she tweeted before revealing, "This longshot is from an attorney for Unite the People. Lanez is a board member and donor."

Tory received the 10-year prison sentence on August 8 after found guilty in December 2022 of three felony counts including assault with a semiautomatic firearm, carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle and discharging a firearm with gross negligence in connection with the July 2020 incident. He will spend 9 years in prison after being credited with time served.

Recently, his legal team filed a motion to get him registered into therapy and probation instead of serving prison time. They argued that his action that night was the greatly influenced by his alcoholism.

"Assuming the allegations are true, Mr. Peterson's psychological, physical, and childhood trauma was a factor in the commission of the offense," the documents read. "Likewise, the current offense is connected to Mr. Peterson's childhood trauma and mental illness, alcohol-use disorder... Mr. Peterson's alcohol-use disorder, although not amounting to a defense, reduced his culpability."

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