'Denver' appears on the Louisville rapper's latest album, 'Jackman', which was released on April 28 and serves a follow-up to his sophomore album, 'Come Home the Kids Miss You'.

AceShowbiz - Jack Harlow gets personal in a new music video for one of his "Jackman" tracks. On Wednesday, August 30, the "Industry Baby" hitmaker unleashed the visuals for "Denver", which sees him trying to find peace amid his busy life.

At the beginning of the clip, Harlow is seen lying on an empty stage while his face is illuminated by a single light. The 25-year-old then walks down the hall alongside his team before "isolating" himself in a hotel room.

The MV then cuts to a scene where the emcee sits in front of a dancing stripper, but he clearly doesn't enjoy her performance. The Louisville native later drives out into the mountains and enjoys breathtaking views of the rocky terrain.

"I've seen enough of me on this lil' screen/ I've become so vain and insecure 'bout everything," Harlow spits in the song. "I feel all this pressure to live up to what they tell me I'm gon' be/ So I isolate myself, you can't help me it's on me."

"Denver" appears on Harlow's latest album, "Jackman", which was dropped on April 28. A few days prior to the release, he made the announcement on both his Instagram and Twitter accounts by posting a photo of him being topless while sitting in front of trash cans. He wrote in the caption, "Jackman. My new album. Out this Friday 4/28."

Harlow has nine other tracks in the set. They include "Common Ground", "They Don't Love It", "Ambitious", "Is That Ight?", "Gang Gang Gang", "No Enhancers", "It Can't Be", "Blame on Me" ft. Gray Hawken and "Questions".

"Jackman" is a follow-up to Harlow's sophomore album, "Come Home the Kids Miss You". Dropped in May 2022, the project has 15 tracks in total. One of them is "First Class", which became his second No. 1 on the Hot 100 and first to debut atop the chart.

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