Boosie Badazz Admits He Failed to Instill Fear in His Daughter Amid Social Media Feud

The 'Wipe Me Down' rapper responds after his daughter Torianna Hatch lashes out against him following the release of his diss song 'Ungrateful' aimed at her and her mother.

AceShowbiz - Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) seems to have built his relationship with his children on a volatile ground. Amid his ongoing spat with his daughter Torianna Hatch, the rapper revealed that he tried to instill "fear" in her, but it didn't work.

The 40-year-old has been publicly clashing with Tori via social media. After his daughter called him out over his diss song "Ungrateful" aimed at her and her mother, the father of eight turned on his livestream to hit back.

"They just mad right now because I said some truthful things about her mother," he said of the lyrics on his new song while filming himself in a moving car. "They mad. Everything I said was the truth ... I told not one lie. Not one! One thing I ain't gon' do is lie. I told not one lie. What I said her mama did, she did."

Boosie suggested that his daughter's pent-up anger stemmed from the death of her brother. "And she probably-she mad about her brother. He playing spades with Tupac right now," so he explained.

He then confirmed that he took his daughter Tori out of his will. "The level of disrespect she got?" he said. "It ain't would, I did take her out my will. I did! I did! It has been done. I did whatever to raise that child right. Tried everything. The disrespect you have for your daddy? You ain't gon' get nothing when I leave here."

Boosie further accused his daughter of causing embarrassment to their family by getting intimate with 19-year-old olds when she was 14 years old. "She was giving her body away at football games in the bathroom," he said in the video. "I mean, she's going to games, having sex in the bathroom with boys."

The Baton Rogue native also slammed Tori's mother for allowing a 19-year-old boy to live in the house with her and Tori when she was a young teen. "I don't play about my daughters," she stressed, before admitting, "I told her I was going to black her eye out three or four times. Hopefully, I instilled some fear in her. Look like it ain't work."

In another video, Boosie took issue with his baby momma allegedly allowing his daughter to smoke weed. "got my daughter smoking weed like that's cute," so she claimed. "My daughter know that ain't going on in my house. Ima beat her a**... You gotta be grown baby."

Boosie reignited his feud with Tori after releasing his new song "Ungrateful", on which he talks about repossessing the Mercedes-Benz he gifted Tori for her 16th birthday and being forced to pay child support because of Tori's mother's fabrications.

"Baby mama, she done hit me with the child support/ Ol' dirty-a** b***h 'bout to lie in court," Boosie raps on the track. "Well, that AMG Benz I'ma need that back/ Won't play it like that, you ain't 'bout to keep that/ Guess the b***h still mad 'cause her brother got wacked/ This the same n***a f**ked your little sister in the cat/ You sucked Bleek d**k while I f**ked you from the back/ You ain't never been s**t but a f**king hood rat/ Your ungrateful a**."

Catching wind of the song, Tori called out her father, labeling him a "sperm donor" and accusing him of abusing his children. Tori also played a recording between her mother and Boosie. In the audio, the rapper threatened to give his 16-year-old daughter a black eye and said that he took Tori out of his will, both of which he later confirmed.

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