Nick Cannon's Brother Gabriel Uses Google to Remember Names of Host's 12 Children
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The 'Claim to Fame' season 2 winner admits that he won't attempt to mention all twelve children of 'The Masked Singer' host and sometimes he uses a note or Google to remind him.

AceShowbiz - Gabriel Cannon has admitted that he can't remember the names of his brother Nick Cannon's 12 children. Instead of remembering all of them, the "Claim to Fame" season 2 winner revealed that he used Google to remind him.

The star made the revelation in an interview that was published on Tuesday, August 29. Upon receiving a question about his 12 nieces and nephews from Entertainment Weekly, he first spilled, "I haven't met them, but did y'all see what happened with [Nick]? He messed up [naming] all his kids."

The reality TV star went on to say, "So I'm not even gonna attempt. I'm just uncle. It's easy." He later confirmed that he has a note on his phone to remind him the names of the children in case he forgot. He added, "That or Google. They're all on the internet."

Elsewhere in the interview, Gabriel also talked about Nick's reaction upon knowing that he was starring on "Claim to Fame". "Nick was kind of skeptical about it. He wanted to know more and know what it was," Gabriel shared.

"I think he secretly went off and watched the first season because his mood switched about it," Gabriel continued. "[He learned that] it wasn't me putting out his dirty laundry. I know there was one scene when I did, but, you know, it wasn't messy. So he kind of gave it his cosign. [He told me,] 'It's your time. Go get 'em.' "

Gabriel further explained, "[Nick] said something when it first premiered and I've kind of just been in my dungeon since then, but he was excited." He recalled, "He wanted to tweet about it.… [I said,] 'No man, you gotta keep silent about it, but pay attention to your boy because I've done a good job for you.' "

Noting that he told Nick about his win, Gabriel elaborated, "Nick is one of those sugar babies, like Nick eats candy all day long. So when you're around him, he's moving. So it's like when somebody asks you 47,000 times like, 'Man, you gotta tell me. I'm the reason you're on the show.' "

"You gotta.… For a long time, it's hard for somebody to be proud of somebody other than Nick," Gabriel pointed out. "He's doing so much. He's on such a level and it's like, to see him just genuinely proud of me, I felt like a little kid, like I graduated."

Nick is a father to twins Monroe and Moroccan whom he shares with Mariah Carey, Golden, Powerful Queen and Rise whom he has with Brittany Bell, twins Zion and Zillion, as well as Beautiful whom he shares with Abby De La Rosa, Legendary Love whom he has with Bre Tiesi, Halo Marie and late son Zen whom he shares with Alyssa Scott as well as Onyx whom he has with LaNisha Cole.

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