Jonah Hill's Ex Sarah Brady Treated 'Like a Violent Animal' During 'Involuntary Hospitalization'

The former girlfriend of the 'You People' actor claims that she was treated like 'a street dog' when she was hospitalized on an 'involuntary mental hold' for allegedly being 'intoxicated' earlier in August.

AceShowbiz - Jonah Hill's former girlfriend Sarah Brady has claimed that she was treated "like a violent animal" by medical staff. Weighing in on her horrible experience, the surfer revealed that she received the mistreatment when she was put on an "involuntary hospitalization."

On Monday, August 21, the 24-year-old offered details of her unpleasant experience through Instagram Stories. She uploaded a photo capturing a number of bruises on one of her arms. Over the snap, she noted that it happened earlier in August and wrote, "Injections bruises from an involuntary trip to the ER due to me breaking zero laws."

"They treated me like a violent animal whilst I remained a human being," she claimed. "They told me I was intoxicated. I told them I was not. I told them I have a mental health diagnosis. I asked for water. They did not give me any. They dragged me by my arms and strapped me down on a gurney WITHOUT MY CONSENT."

In another Story featuring a similar photo, Sarah went on to recall, "Medics INJECTED ME WITH DRUGS INVOLUNTARILY, and didn't give me water. I'm sure the bill for the ambulance will be a fat one." In this snap, she also tagged the official Instagram account of The Queen's Health System in Hawaii.

Sarah further released a picture to show the condition of a room wherein she had to stay during her "involuntary mental hold." She explained, "This is how my room was but with no window, concrete walls, concrete floors, and the mat on the floor was more like a gymnastics or yoga mat. The only window in the whole place was a tiny skylight."

"Thank god they didn't require me to shower in the open shower with no curtain," she recounted. "I agreed to an injection without knowing what or [sic] was. I didn't care. I knew I had to play their game to get out. Everyone talked to me like I was a child and continually called me 'dear' in the same tone as ['The Big Bad Wolf']."

Sarah additionally let out a screenshot of text exchanges that she sent to someone. The message read, "This is like my fourth or fifth time being put in the hospital and treated like a street dog so I wasn't very shocked but it was the most violent I've ever experienced and I think it's been long enough go me, believing in all of these diagnoses, and playing along that now I'm just like f**k it. What do I have to lose?"

Sarah Brady Instagram Stories

Sarah Brady recalled her horrible experience via Instagram Stories.

"Feel safer for me to be very public about it all then for me to be discreet and pretend to be ashamed of the diagnosed I've been given and continue to, except that my right can be taken away at any time," another message in the snap read.

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