Kid Cudi Mourns Death of His Grandma

The 'Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare)' rapper, who is currently working on his memoir, reveals that his grandmother passed away on Friday, August 11 at the age of 101.

AceShowbiz - Kid Cudi sadly lost his loved one. On Friday, August 11, the "Day 'N' Nite" rapper made use of his social media page to pay tribute to his grandmother, who passed away at the age of 101.

"My grandma died today peacefully at 101. She lived a long life and Ill miss her so much," the 39-year-old emcee penned on X, (formerly Twitter). "Bye for now Grandma. Ill see u again one day. I love you."

Fans have since sent their prayers and condolences, with some sharing their own experiences dealing with loss. "I was listening to New Mode yesterday and it put me in a better mood. Thank you @KiDCuDi You have significant purpose on this planet and I'm sorry for the feeling we go through when death arrives. Live to your fullest my friend," one person wrote.

"Reading this felt like a shot through the heart," another tweeted. "It was so hard losing mine. I miss her everyday. Call your Grandma and tell her you love her while you can."

That aside, Cudi is currently working on his memoir. In March, he told his fans, "So right now, I'm working on my memoir and I have about four or five chapters so far and I touched on a lot... I talked about a lot of shit that y'all have no idea and stuff that you've never heard about. My upbringing, you know, how I got started with music and even how I got interested in acting."

"This book is gonna be something I hope inspires people," he added. "Anybody that has a dream or wants to do anything, especially those kids in those small towns somewhere in the United States or anywhere outside the world, in another country, that just wants to do something great with their lives. This book is gonna give you that push."

"This book is definitely gonna continue the same formula I started with the music and hopefully it'll be something you can keep with you and something that can guide you and give you some inspiration and some hope," Cudi explained further. "Hopefully, this is gonna be out next year sometime. Next fall? Maybe? So I'll keep you guys posted on the progress."

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