Nick Cannon's Daughter Embarrassed by His Twerking in TikTok Video With Mariah Carey's Twins
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Monroe quickly stops her father from twerking before she leads the 'Masked Singer' host and her twin brother Moroccan to dance to her mother's 2008 hit 'Touch My Body'.

AceShowbiz - Nick Cannon just gave his daughter Monroe a second-hand embarrassment with his sexy dance moves. The father of twelve recently teamed up with two of his children, Monroe and Moroccan, whom he shares with his ex-wife Mariah Carey, for a new TikTok video in honor of the R&B diva.

In the video posted on the multi-talented star's account on Friday, June 30, the trio gathered together in a room and stood in line to dance to Mariah's "Touch My Body". Nick started earlier than his twin children by doing some hilarious twerking moves to the camera.

Looking embarrassed, Monroe quickly stopped her father from twerking to the camera while laughing. When she tried to hash things out with her brother, Nick once again stole the spotlight by doing the silly dance moves, but Monroe and Moroccan quickly stopped him.

The rapper/singer then jokingly tried to pick a fight with his son before he stood next to Monroe. After she managed to get all of them in order, Monroe led her father and twin brother to some dance moves to her mother's 2008 hit song.

"Only Right!! Shout out to Mommy!!! The Empress Queen of all Queens!" Nick captioned the clip.

Nick was then showered with praises by social media users for being presence for his kids. "He got a lot of kids but he's present. If nick can so can yo BD," one of them wrote. Another commented, "We can say all we want, but this man be taking care of alllllllll his kids."

A third user wrote, "I don't matter how many kids this man got at least he shows up for his kids!" Someone else remarked, "He really a good dad. He just be breeding like the human race is going extinct."

Some others, meanwhile, said that Nick's dance in the video reminded them to his dance in 2003's film "Love Don't Cost a Thing". "He still dance like he in love don't cost a thing aww," a fan marveled.

Another enthused, "Gone head Alvin when he hit the moves all I could see was his character in Love Dont Cost a Thing." Another person was amused as noting, "Nick dancing like he was on love don't cost a thing lol."

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