Jack Harlow Recalls Getting High Praise From Kendrick Lamar for 'Jackman'
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During a podcast interview, the 'Industry Baby' hitmaker reveals what the 'Humble' rapper calls his latest album when they brushed shoulders at the 2023 Met Gala.

AceShowbiz - Jack Harlow has received high praise from Kendrick Lamar. When making an appearance on "Rap Radar" podcast, the "Industry Baby" rapper revealed the "Humble" rapper gushed over his latest album "Jackman" when they brushed shoulders at the 2023 Met Gala.

In the Thursday, June 15 episode of the podcast, the 25-year-old recounted the moment he met Kendrick. "I was waiting for a muthaf**ka to just tell me I'm dope," he spilled. "[Then] I ran into Kendrick at the Met, and it was like a few days after the album dropped and he was like, 'Yo. Shit is incredible.' "

The "First Class" rapper went on to share, "And he gave me enough props that I could have just walked home." He added, "I didn't even want to meet anyone else."

Elsewhere in the episode, Jack shared how he overcomes his frustration while working in the hip-hop music industry. "I think you have to have passion, and I think you have to be a fan. You have to be a fan of the genre, and love it," he pointed out.

"And I love the craft, and I love chasing 'getting better.' Of course, there's some frustrations with not being understood," the musician confessed. "But, you know, it's also exciting to think, 'Let me see how I can get better.' "

Jack further explained, "But of course, there was just a lot of excitement in recording the songs, and thinking, 'Damn, I can't wait for them to hear this shit.' Because I know they're going to like it, and sure enough, it resonated. That's why I do it."

Jack's album "Jackman" was released on Friday, April 28. A few days prior to the release, he made the announcement on both his Instagram and Twitter accounts. In the April 26 posts, he let out a snap of him topless while sitting in front of trash cans. Its caption simply read, "Jackman. My new album. Out this Friday 4/28."

Jack has ten tracks in his brand new album, including "Common Ground", "They Don't Love It", "Ambitious", "Is That Ight?", "Gang Gang Gang", "Denver", "No Enhancers", "It Can't Be", "Blame on Me" ft. Gray Hawken and "Questions".

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