Noel Gallagher Fined for Driving Offense Despite Not Having Driving License
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The former Oasis songwriter is fined £742 and ordered to pay £396 in costs after police stopped his chauffeured Range Rover in Sidcup, South London, in November 2022.

AceShowbiz - Noel Gallagher has been fined and hit with six penalty points on his driving license despite never learning to get behind the wheel. The former Oasis songwriter, 56, did not say who was driving when police stopped his chauffeured Range Rover in Sidcup, South London, in November 2022, and pleaded guilty in his absence on Wednesday, May 31.

His fine of £742 and an order to pay £396 in costs handed down at Willesden JPs, north west London, was revealed by The Sun, which quoted a source as saying, "Only Noel could get dragged to court for a driving offense when he doesn't have a license. It's laughable. Noel is paying the fine. The points will be waiting a long time to be applied given he's not planning on learning anytime soon."

Noel has repeatedly told in interviews how he gave up lessons at the height of Oasis mania in the 1990s when his instructor drove him to her house and the neighborhood came out and started taking pictures of him in a Nissan Micra.

He also sold a 1967 Jaguar Mk2 for £125,000 that had been gathering dust in his garage for 25 years. Noel this week opened up about his divorce, saying it is a "long" and "drawn-out process."

The High Flying Birds frontman split with his wife of 22 years, Sara MacDonald, 51, in January after they had sons Donovan, 15, and Sonny, 12, together, and the rocker, who also has model daughter Anais Gallagher, 23, with his former partner Meg Matthews, 57, told The Sun, "Divorce is a long, drawn-out process, so it affects the mood of the album, for sure."

He added about his new High Flying Birds studio album, "The record goes up and down and for every kind of moody melancholy, there is an uplifting counterbalance after it. When you're an artist you write about what you know, and I don't really have much to say about life in general, as I don't really give a f**k about most things I see on the news. So when things happen in your life that you can articulate, I tend to jump on them, and it makes for better art and it helps you come to terms with it."

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