A Bag Seemingly Gifted to Jennifer Hudson Found at Thrift Shop

After a TikTok user claims to have found a purse that was allegedly gifted to the 'Respect' star, some social media users feel sorry for the designer who allegedly gave the bag to the singer/actress.

AceShowbiz - A bag seemingly gifted Jennifer Hudson apparently never made it to the actual owner. A woman claimed to have found a purse that was allegedly gifted to the "American Idol" alum when she was shopping at a local thrift store.

TikTok user @crystellec posted a video of the surprising discovery. In the clip, she said that she discovered a note and a business card in the back pocket of the bag that stated designer Sonique Saturday made the "You Fake Like This Birkin" purse specially for the singer.

The note read, "Ms. Jennifer Hudson, what an honor to gift you with one of my handbags. You've inspired me just as much as every other black girl.. and for that, I wanted to personally say thank you! I hope you enjoy wearing this as much as I enjoyed making it just for you."

It's unclear how the bag ended up at a thrift shop, but some people felt sorry for the designer who made the bag. "i would be so sick if i gifted a celebrity something and found out it ended up in a thrift store," one social media user commented.

Another weighed in, "So basically y'all just broke the gifters heart cuz she now knows that J Hud never saw the bag she gifted her Or even worse sent that s**t immediately to the thrift shop with all the other unwanted items that were clogging up her storage."

Some others didn't blame J.Hud if she indeed gave away the bag. "How you gift someone a bag that says 'you're fake like this Birkin' & expect them to keep it?!" a baffled user reacted.

Someone argued, "If it's real or not, celebrities are just like us no one wants to hoard anything they don't have infinite closet space lol." Another said, "I mean, if J HUD no longer wanted the bag, what was she suppose to do with it? The bag doesn't hold any value. At least she didn't trash it."

Others speculated that it could be a stunt to promote the bag. "Plot twist this could be one of the greatest marketing schemes of all time lol," one theorist wrote. Another claimed, "PLOT TWIST; the designer of the bag doesnt actually send them to celebrities she just donates them to different Goodwill's with notes inside, so someone will think they found a gem LOL."

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