Lewis Capaldi Trashes His Song With Niall Horan, Quips One Direction Star Wrote 'Most of It'

The 'Someone You Loved' singer calls the song he penned along with the former One Direction member rubbish and jokingly says that his friend wrote 'most of it.'

AceShowbiz - Lewis Capaldi was forced to axe a song he co-wrote with Niall Horan because it was "f***ing s***." While the 26-year-old Scottish singer is close friends with the 29-year-old Irish pop star, the song they penned together didn't make it onto the former's latest LP "Broken by Desire to Be Heavenly Sent" because it was rubbish, with the "Pointless" singer joking that Niall must have penned "most of it."

"Niall would be one of course. We wrote a song and it was not good. Yeah, it was f***ing s**t. He wrote most of it," Lewis said as quoted by The Mirror when speaking about who he'd like to duet with.

He said of Niall's former bandmate, "Obviously Harry Styles - I am a big fan. He is really like a successful singer. Probably the biggest in the world at the moment and he is f****ing super-sexy."

At the top of his wish list, however, is a fellow Scot. He said, "I would love to do a collaboration with Paolo Nutini. He is my dream. He is an elusive man. He will just disappear for seven years. So trying to get him and pin him down . . . he is slippery. He has greased himself up and I chase him around the bedroom but he keeps getting away. If he is up for it, I would do it tomorrow."

Asked how to become a good songwriter, he quipped, "Get famous enough that Ed Sheeran will write with you. Just do it every day. I am the laziest person I know. The fact I made it here today is a miracle. Just write s*** songs but one day they will be less s***."

Lewis and Niall have a longstanding bromance and are always poking fun at each other. Recently, Niall accused Lewis of lying about doing his own washing.

The 1D star called out his pal over scenes in his Netflix documentary "How I'm Feeling Now" in which the singer claims to sort out his own laundry - with Niall insisting Lewis was putting on a show for the cameras because he actually gets his mum to wash his dirty clothes for him.

Speaking during an appearance on BBC Radio 2, Niall said, "He doesn't do his own washing. I spoke to his mother the other night. He's a liar! He maybe did it for the cameras ... I swear to God, Carol [Lewis' mother], I said to his mother the other day, 'Does Lewis pop around to the house or are you in his flat in Glasgow often?' She goes, 'Yeah, when he hands me the washing.' "

Radio host Scott Mills suggested Lewis might take care of washing his own underpants, and Niall replied, "He probably has to do his own smalls 'cause I wouldn't hand his smalls to anyone else ... smalls that not even a mother would love!"

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