At the beginning of the visuals, the 29-year-old English heartthrob can be seen preparing for a concert backstage while a small robot is strolling around the floor.

AceShowbiz - Harry Styles just released a new music video for one of his recent songs, "Satellite". The former One Direction member unleashed the visuals on Wednesday, May 3 and the "Wall-E"-inspired MV shows a small robot traveling across the country to reach its long-lost lover, NASA's Curiosity rover.

At the beginning of the clip, the 29-year-old heartthrob can be seen preparing for a concert backstage. The robot is there too, and as it strolls around the floor, it sees footage playing on a screen of the Mars rover.

"It has spent over 10 lonely years roaming the surface of the red planet," says a voiceover says of the spacecraft. Since then, the robot determines to find its star-crossed lover by leaving Los Angeles' Kia Forum where Harry performs.

The robot then embarks on a long journey, crossing a crowded street, desert and mountains during the days and nights. The robot later reunites with Harry in the final scene, stargazing. However, the robot's battery is expired, prompting its lights to turn off.

"I go 'round and 'round/ Satellite," Harry sings. "Spinnin' out, waitin' for ya to pull me in/ I can see you're lonely down there/ Don't you know that I am right here?"

"Satellite" appears in Harry's latest effort, "Harry's House". With the project, he won the coveted Album of the Year prize at the 2023 Grammy Awards as well as Best Pop Vocal Album award.

Following the win, Harry told reporters in the press room, "[I am] overwhelmed with the moment. I definitely wasn't expecting to get this. Being nominated for stuff like this really feels like the winning part - being recognized by your peers." He added, "It's obviously incredibly nice to receive this ... more than anything, it just feels like validation that you're on the right path."

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