Tamron Hall Called 'Shady' and 'Messy' After Doing Blac Chyna Dirty in Interview

After watching the interview, some fans slam the talk show host for being 'shady' toward the video vixen as they discuss the latter's decision to remove facial fillers.

AceShowbiz - Tamron Hall brought Blac Chyna in a new episode of "The Tamron Hall Show", but not everyone loved how the host conducted the interview. After watching the interview, some fans slammed Hall for being "shady" toward Chyna as they discussed the latter's decision to remove facial fillers.

During the sit-down, Chyna detailed the surgery she had to remove all the injections in her face. "Was it painful?" Hall asked, to which the video vixen replied, "When I got up, I think that I was so happy that I feel like I didn't even think about the pain. I was just so sore."

Chyna also noted that with the surgeries, she has now some scars on her body. "But you know, I take scars and look at them as like my lessons learned," the mom of two added.

At one point, Hall showed a picture of Chyna donning her headline-making outfit at the 2023 Grammy Awards last month to show what the model looked like then compared to her look now. "You can see the difference," Chyna pointed out. "Right here in the cheek area. You can see that smile? Right now, when I smile, you can see all of my teeth."

Upon watching the clip, fans thought that the Grammys picture wasn't necessary, and Hall showed the picture only to embarrass Chyna. One commenter wrote on Instagram, "They could've chose another pic. It's so many others to choose from." Someone else added, "Tameron has become so Passive Aggressive and Messy."

"This what they meant by Tamron Hall being shady," another user said. One comment also read, "Tameron has been getting on my nerves lately! Why chose that unflattering picture of her to show your audience."

Meanwhile, some fans applauded Chyna for handling the shade gracefully. "it's definitely giving tyra vibes but angela handled that w grace. very polished of her. she definitely seems more alive and well," one person commented. "They are trying her. Why every interview they seem to poke with her and try to get her to lash out and she never falls for it," one fan opined.

Praising Chyna, someone added, "Black Chyna so Media trained she cannot be put down. I love this for her. She cannot be stopped. Her mug is TOP TEIR. Tamron tryba get her wendy on. The difference is Wendy was so DIRECT w the shade…. IT GAAAAAVE. she a lil corny rn but she might get better to me, as she goes. Great job Angela!!!"

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