Michelle Rodriguez Refuses to Return for 'Avatar: The Way of Water' Because of This Reason
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The actress, who portrayed Captain Trudy Chacon in the 2009 original movie, reveals she turned down James Cameron's idea to resurrect her character in the sequel.

AceShowbiz - Michelle Rodriguez declined James Cameron's offer to bring her "Avatar" character back from the dead. The 44-year-old star thought it would be "overkill" if her alter-ego Captain Trudy Chacon, who passed away in the 2009 original movie "Avatar", reappeared in a future film, because her characters in "Resident Evil", "Fast and Furious", and "Machete" had already returned when they "weren't supposed to."

She told Vanity Fair magazine, "Dude, when I saw Jim recently, he was like, 'I was thinking, What if Michelle came back? A lot of the other characters came back [in 'The Way of Water'].' I was like, 'You can't do that - I died as a martyr. Jim, I came back in 'Resident Evil', I wasn't supposed to. I came back in 'Machete', I wasn't supposed to. I came back with Letty [in the 'Fast and Furious' franchise], I wasn't supposed to. We can't do a fourth, that would be overkill!' "

Rodriguez believes directors are often unsure what to do with her characters if they don't have a boyfriend. She said, "I guess they don't know what to do with the girl who doesn't have a boyfriend. 'She doesn't have a boyfriend. Should we keep her alive, or kill her?' "

Rodriguez has portrayed Letty Ortiz in seven "Fast and Furious" films, and is set to return for "Fast X", the 10th movie in the series, in May, and she is also expected to appear in "Fast and Furious 11" in 2024.

The actress appeared as Rain Ocampo in 2002's "Resident Evil", in which the character died, but the star returned for the fifth film "Resident Evil: Retribution" in 2012 as a twin "clone."

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