Brian Cox Happy 'Succession' Coming to an End

The Logan Roy depicter is not as upset as his co-stars about the HBO series coming to conclusion as he insists it's the right decision to end the show before it becomes a 'sellout.'

AceShowbiz - Brian Cox has said he "felt nothing" when he filmed his final scene on "Succession". The 76-year-old actor has starred as media mogul Logan Roy since the hit HBO drama launched back in 2018 but the show is now coming to an end after four seasons and Cox is adamant he wasn't upset to be walking away from the character for good.

"I felt nothing when I played the last scene [on 'Succession']. Nothing! It was the last scene, finite," Cox explained when speaking to Variety during a roundtable interview.

Cox didn't give away any details of how the story ends for the Roy family patriarch, but he did drop a few hints, saying, "Logan absolutely gets what he needs. That's the great thing about the show. He gets peace, which is good."

The Golden Globe award winner went on to insist he's happy the show's run is not going to be extended, adding, "American series live well past their sellout date, This one won't do that. HBO would love us to go for as long as 'Game of Thrones,' but thank God it won't happen. I would find it hard-going to be saying 'f**k off' to people for the next 10 years, although it's the nicest thing to say to someone. You can actually say how you feel."

Cox is now looking forward to working on different projects which includes directing his first film "Glenrothan" about two Scottish brothers who own a distillery and he's also planning to take on some more theatre work.

Cox said of his future, "I have been doing this for 60 years, I played lots of roles and I move onto other stuff, while I still can. I am going back to the theatre, which I can now afford to do, I will play Bach and then I will do a revival of Eugene O'Neil's 'Long Day's Journey into the Night.' You can't live off past glories."

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