Internet Users Debate Over Ashanti's Frequent Vacationing: It's Not a Flex
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Some Internet users are not pleased to see the 'Rain on Me songstress posting pictures from her trips, thinking she was an aging and lonely woman.

AceShowbiz - Ashanti has been busy enjoying her life while people were debating over her frequent vacationing. Some Internet users were not pleased to see her posting pictures from her trips, thinking she was an aging and lonely woman.

"Ashanti really be on vacation 365 days and no kids Lmao," one person tweeted alongside a photo of the bikini-clad singer. Another commented, "43....that beautiful and sexy...and NEVER MARRIED ...Sumin smell fishy."

Someone else penned, "Being a fine 42yo with no Kids & nobody wanna Marry you is not a flex." A different individual opined, "You think her having no kids is a flex. She prolly cry herself to sleep wishing she had a family lol."

Ashanti has yet to respond to the chatter, but fans already defended her from the critics. "Not every woman's goal is to get married and have a litter of kids. And if she wants marriage and kids, I'm sure she can make that happen. And why does a person living their best carefree life bother people so bad?" one user explained.

"Imagine being Ashanti & giving AF what miserable people whom can't travel the world or have the same experiences you have because they settled into a life they hate 85% of the time," another user stated. "Or imagine being Ashanti & even considering the opinions of a man who wouldn't be able to touch me with a 5 ft pole has to say. Just imagine."

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