Liam Hemsworth Reportedly Suing Miley Cyrus for Defamation Following 'Flowers' Massive Success
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It's reported that the 33-year-old actor filed the 'complaint for defamation of character' as he's about to lose his contract with Netflix for 'The Witcher'.

AceShowbiz - Liam Hemsworth is seemingly not happy seeing Miley Cyrus talking about him in her hit new single "Flowers". If a new report is to be believed, "The Hunger Games" actor sued the pop star for defamation.

According to leaked documents that emerged on Twitter on Tuesday, February 28, the 33-year-old actor named his ex-wife as a defendant for a "complaint for defamation of character." It's also reported that he filed the motion as he's about to lose his contract with Netflix for series "The Witcher".

The news of the filing quickly sparked debate among fans on Twitter, with one commenting, "i really doubt liam hemsworth is actually suing miley cyrus but if he is: 1) it's her fans faults for making up all that s**t about him, like cheating 14 times in the mansion from the 'flowers' video 2) johnny depp set a precedent for suing people when they did nothing wrong."

Another wrote, "I hope [Liam] lose the witcher. Suing miley for what? Calling you out on your bulls**t?" Someone else chimed in, "Liam Hemsworth is suing @MileyCyrus supposedly for defamation over her song 'Flowers'. First off, she never mentioned you so it'll end like Heard v. Depp. Second, no one wanted you in @witchernetflix anyway. And thirdly, that's just pathetic if it's true."

Indeed, Miley appeared to shade Liam with her new song as she released "Flowers" on January 13, the same day as Liam's 33rd birthday. Its lyrics also seemingly alluded to her failed relationship with him, including a double entendre about Miley watching her marriage and the Malibu home they once shared "burn" to the ground. "We were right/ til we weren't/ built a home and watched it burn," she sings.

Lyrics like "I can love me better" might also hint at the tension in their marriage, which was evident in an awkward red carpet moment at the "Avengers: Endgame" premiere in May 2019. While posing for photos together, Miley pretended to lick Liam, who appeared to respond uncomfortably and to ask for her to "behave for once," according to MTV. Miley appeared to be pissed off as she pushed Liam away and posed for solo photos.

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