Beyonce Fan Denies Heckling Harry Styles During Grammys Speech After Getting an Earful

A journalist from Philly, who initially admitted that he 'yelled' when Harry accepted the Album of the Year award, denies that he's the man who screamed Bey's name in a viral video.

AceShowbiz - Beyonce Knowles' fan has defended himself after he apparently caught heat for heckling Harry Styles at the Grammy Awards. The man, who is identified as a journalist from Philly, denied that he's the one who yelled Bey's name in a viral video despite his apparent initial confession.

While Beyonce received several awards at the Sunday, February 5 event, Harry won the coveted Album of the Year award. Apparently, some Beyhive at the Arena in Los Angeles felt their favorite star was robbed of the award and began to voice their disapproval of Harry's win.

"BEYONCEEEEE," one man was heard shouting while Harry was delivering his speech. Someone else then followed suit by screaming, "Beyonce should've won."

At least one of the hecklers was identified after Ernest Owens posted a video of the moment on Twitter with a caption, "Yes, I yelled." He added, "Beyonce was robbed. This was so underwhelming. People are leaving by the masses."

After the moment caused debate, with many defending Harry, Ernest has since retracted his initial statement. "Cultural context matters. When Black folks say 'I'm hollering,' 'I'm yelling' -- it's a reaction to something internally," he wrote in a follow-up tweet.

The journalist went on claiming, "Like when someone tells their friend who is cutting up, 'Gurl, you got me yelling and screaming,' 'I'm hollering' -- it's not literal. Sigh."

Beyonce Fan's Tweet

A Beyonce superfan denied heckling Harry Styles at Grammy Awards after backlash.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift's reaction to the heckling has also caught people's attention. The "Anti-Hero" singer, who briefly dated the British star, looked supportive of the "As It Was" crooner throughout the entire speech, watching him intently despite being the only one standing on her table. She also appeared to look down when she heard the heckling.

Taylor and Harry also had a friendly interaction during the ceremony. The pop stars were seen laughing and leaning in while engaging in the conversation during Steve Lacy's performance of his hit single "Bad Habit".

The Hollywood Reporter's Chris Gardner reported that the "Lover" hitmaker had a "long talk" with the former One Direction star and hugged him. She was also photographed putting her hand on his back at one point.

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