Chrisean Rock Accused of Faking Pregnancy Because of This Video

In a clip of her new interview with Blueface, the 'Baddies' star is seen reaching out to take a cup of what seems to be booze from her boyfriend before changing her mind.

AceShowbiz - Is Chrisean Rock actually pregnant with Blueface's child? After her pregnancy announcement was met with disheartening response from the rapper, the pair staged a wedding for a music video and seem to be back on good terms. Now, however, people begin to question if Chrisean is really pregnant after all.

The doubt has arisen after fans saw a clip from the couple's new interview. In the footage reposted on Ig Model Tea Room's Instagram account, Chrisean was seen spontaneously reaching out to take a cup containing what seems to be booze from Blueface's hand.

Interestingly, Blueface didn't try to stop his supposed pregnant girlfriend from drinking the alleged booze and was about to give his glass to her. Chrisean, meanwhile, seemed to have a change of heart and withdrew her hand, suppressing her thirst.

After watching the video, people soon accused Chrisean of faking her pregnancy. When someone commented, "forgot she was pregnant for a second here," another user begged to differ as claiming, "No she forgot she was on CAMERA."

"She ain't pregnant cause he wouldn't have tried to give it to her," a third person argued. Someone else suspected the same, writing, "She's not even pregnant watch she gon end up w a story." One other claimed, "She forgot she's fake pregnant."

Some people think that Chrisean never gives up alcohol even though she's pregnant. "she probably never stopped drinking smh," one of them suspected. Another echoed the sentiment, "And y'all think she gonna put the bottle down for 9months?? Be serious if they wasn't recording she would've took that shot."

There were others who came to Chrisean's defense though, stating that Blueface was actually holding soda. "That's soda and y'all d#ckeating the girl had soda in the cup and didn't want it he's holding it y'all hate her for no reason," a fan wrote. Another explained, "Y'all are so weird if you watch the interview which y'all didn't he was holding her Pepsi & she clearly thought he was still holding it."

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