Helena Bonham Carter Uses Acting to Escape Pressure and Anxiety in Real Life

The 'Alice in Wonderland' actress credits her job as an actor with helping her 'cope' with difficult times in real life since she was young growing up in an unstable household.

AceShowbiz - Helena Bonham Carter turns to acting to "cope" with difficult times. Enduring a difficult childhood as her mother suffered mental health problems and her father was struck down by a stroke, the "Harry Potter" star has revealed she "ran away" to become an actor as a way of escaping the pressure and anxiety of real life.

"When I was young, I had to deal with big things so I did not have the space to be a child. When I was 13, I felt a sense of wanting to stay young and I wanted to prolong my childhood. My response to what happened to my mum and dad was me running away and becoming an actor as I thought I could create my own reality and control that," she told OK! magazine.

She went on to insist she still uses her job as a way of escaping every day pressures. Helena added, "It's my way of coping. I feel so lucky I get the chance to be other people. It is such a relief. Living is hard. That's it. Full stop. A day can throw anything at you and sometimes it's an assault course ... I do always say 'put magic into the day' and that is from my mother."

It comes after Helena admitted she plans to stick with acting because there's no way she would be able to turn her hand to writing scripts or becoming a producer. In an interview with the Guardian newspaper, she said, "I can write a postcard, I could never write a script. And lack of focus definitely would hinder my efforts at producing, which takes about seven years each project."

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