Matt Barnes' Fiancee Defends Him Following Altercation With Her Ex-Husband

In a lengthy Instagram post, Anansa Sims defends the former athlete after Matt was granted a temporary restraining order against her ex-husband following a nasty spit-involving altercation at an NFL game.

AceShowbiz - Matt Barnes' fiancee Anansa Sims lets the world know that she's got his back. In a lengthy Instagram post, Anansa defended the former athlete after Matt was granted a temporary restraining order against her ex-husband following a nasty altercation at an NFL game.

"Matt doesn't deserve this negative backlash. My Ex Husband David Patterson has been harassing Matt and I for years," Anansa wrote on Saturday, January 28. "The harassment from David escalated after our Christmas engagement."

Anansa revealed that David "called the police to our home 5 times on false claims of us having a scheduled visit" in the month of January alone. "Each time I've shown the different officers our Talking Parent messages confirming that we in fact did not have a visit scheduled. This has been extremely traumatizing for our children and neighbors," she added.

In the post, Anansa further claimed that in August, David cried "hysterically" while telling "our 3 children 8, 9 and 11 that he was never going to see them again. He later that same day text my Mother, Matt and I and said that he was giving up his 50/50 visitation rights." She also shared that David "didn't want to babysit our children and that Matt and I could have them full time. This is all documented with the court."

David allegedly "threatened to come up to their football practice with his Glock handgun to confront me and the head coach of our sons team." It prompted Anansa to file "for a restraining order the next day."

Not stopping there, Anansa said that David "threatened to run me over with his car and gladly watch all the blood leak out of my body. He said this to me in front of our children at their baseball tryout. He also threatened to kill Matt with his Glock multiple times in front of our children." Anansa also shared that she had the receipts of the threats in the form of video recording.

Of the altercation between Matt and David at San Franscisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys NFC divisional round matchup on Sunday, January 22, Anansa said, "It's public knowledge that Matt is a huge 49ers fan and David knew Matt would be the game. Giving David an opportunity to approach Matt." She continued, "David started the altercation, which resulted in Matt's response," referring to the former NBA champion spitting on David in a viral video.

In response to Anansa's lengthy post, fans started to show support for Matt and his fiancee. "I read every bit and so believe her. That's sad. He ex husband needs help! [sic]," one person said in an Instagram comment.

Another provided a summary, writing, "SUMMARY: Her ex husband has repeatedly threatened her and Matt's lives, as well as his own. She has court documents, text msgs, and recorded phon calls to prove he is crazy. He provoked Matt at the game but the video only caught Matt's reaction (spitting). You're welcome."

"Threaten to kill m and mine, you lucky all you got was some spit," one other penned. "If you insist on not reading… I'll sum it up for you! Matt was not wrong & her ex husband got what he deserved! Period! #istandwithmattbarnes," someone else added.

The post arrived after a judge granted Matt a temporary restraining order against David following their viral altercation. The spit-involving fight prompted Matt to be trending on social media with some users blasting him for the nasty move.

Encouraging David to take the matters to court, one person wrote, "Sue for every little penny he has because to spit on someone is below low." Someone said, "Spitting on someone and filing a restraining order is nasty work lol."

One other comment read, "Sorry but something about a man spitting on another is weak to me, like boy throw hands if you want confrontation." Meanwhile, one person noted, "Cmon Matt lol I thought he said he went to anger management."

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