Elle King Finds It 'Refreshing' to Tour With Women After Being the Only Female on Previous Trek

The 'Ex's and Oh's' singer talks about hitting the road as a first-time mother with a baby and explains how having many other women on tour has helped her a lot.

AceShowbiz - Elle King enjoys touring with "bada** women." Grateful for the "community" she has built as a working mom, the "Ex's and Oh's" hitmaker - who has son Lucky, 16 months, with fiance Dan Tooker - admitted it has made a difference to life on the road having so many other females around her.

"Up until this year, I was always the only female on our tour. Now I have bada** women touring with me and it's been a refreshing kind of difference," she told Entertainment Tonight. "You need people like that around you."

"And I always do really well with, you know, bada** chicks. Last year, before we went on tour, so many moms were the first people to reach out. Brandi Carlile literally started, like, a mom thread, so that people could text each other and [they] were so helpful to me."

But the male members of Elle's band are also happy to help out with her son. She said, "The sweetest thing is that sometimes I wake up, and the baby will be in the front [of the bus] with some of the band guys, because they'll come in and grab him if they hear him up, and they'll play with him."

Elle recently released her third album, "Come Get Your Wife", and she explained the title came after she had made "too many jokes" while doing shots. She laughed, "I run my mouth a lot. I've had, you know, 12, 13 years of touring experience, knowing how to make jokes and poke fun at guys."

"I'm learning how to kind of reel it in... I am either very awkward, or sometimes a joke will land and sometimes jokes don't land. I was just, you know, making jokes, and somebody shouted over at me, you know, after too many jokes, too many shots, and said, 'Come get your wife!' And I was like, 'Well, I'm gonna call the record that.' Because it's funny and like most things in my life, I have to find a way to find humour in it."

The 33-year-old singer feels much more "comfortable" in country music than she expected to. She said, "I feel like, I don't look like most women. I definitely don't act like most even performers. When I came into country music, I really thought that I was going to feel the opposite of what I felt... But everyone was like, 'Turn it up, we like you for you!'... I actually feel like I'm so much more comfortable, and I can kind of let my hair down."

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