GloRilla Faces More Backlash After Doubling Down on Her '50/50' Comment

The 'Tomorrow 2' raptress faces more pushback from Internet users who doesn't think that the CMG artist has the right to tell people what to do to make their relationship works.

AceShowbiz - GloRilla still believes that people are supposed to go "50/50" with their partner. After doubling down on her comments, the "Tomorrow 2" raptress faces more pushback from Internet users who doesn't think she has the right to tell people what to do to make their relationship works.

"I'm really done with this 50/50 conversation but I can fasho tell who be having to pack up & go back to Dey mama house after a breakup," Glo wrote on Twitter on Thursday, December 8. After she sent out the tweet, the backlash was almost immediate.

"The real question is, would you have this same energy when you was broke and almost homeless? Would you still go 50/50 if you didn't have rapper money? Ppl our age can't afford rent nowadays and here you go with this BS. Like stfu," one person replied to Glo.

Someone else responded, "Or stop telling ppl what to do in their relationships especially if u are single and even if ur not. Stop telling humans how they should live ! Cuz again it's not U so why u worried about what ppl do in their relationships !!! Bing bong !"

Another commenter wrote, "This is a pointless conversation. Do what makes YOUR relationship work." Someone else added, "Do what works for you lol y'all be acting like there's only one type of successful relationship. Just don't be Crissean and Blueface and that's a good start. Build you own blueprint," referencing to Chrisean Rock and Blueface's infamous toxic relationship.

"I think what ppl should do is mind their own household. Don't date women who don't want to go 50/50. Don't date men who won't go 100 if you want 100. Stop going on podcasts and social media telling ppl how to run their households and stop calling ppl broke who do go 50/50. Easy," another user penned.

Some others, however, defended Glo. "Women need to stop thinking they are "owed" or "deserve" someone else's money just for being a woman! Go to work like everyone else and work for "yours"….then when and if you find a partner the combination will lift and elevate you both!!!! These social norms gettin outta hand," a person fumed. "If you broke and almost homeless , a relationship should be the last thing on your mind," another user said.

Glo first made the statement during an Instagram Live last month. "You should want to be a team," the "F.N.F. (Let's Go)" hitmaker said on Wednesday, November 30. "He paying all your bills b***h! You don't want you billpayer to leave, you need to be on your own s**t. You need to have your own s**t going."

"You need to be in the habit of paying for your own s**t. Because no matter how much you got your own money, all them bills that was getting paid by the n***a, that s**t gon' change. It's gone be a whole financial change for you. You got to pay all the bills. Now you can't do what you want to do no more," the CMG artist continued. "I just feel like s**t should just be at a certain pace, like 50/50. Y'all making yourself feel needy and s**t."

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