Wendy Williams Slams Reports Claiming Son Was Evicted From $2M Apartment Due to Her Losing Fortune
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According to the former TV daytime queen's publicist Shawn Zanotti, Kevin Hunter Jr. being kicked out of his apartment in Miami has 'nothing to do' with his mom 'losing her fortune.'

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams is setting the record straight. The former "The Wendy Williams Show" host has responded to reports stating that her son Kevin Hunter Jr. was kicked out of his $2 million apartment in Miami because she lost her fortune.

The 58-year-old gossip queen's publicist Shawn Zanotti confirmed to The Neighborhood Talk that Kevin Jr. being evicted from his apartment has "nothing to do" with her client "losing her fortune." Shawn further highlighted that the former TV daytime queen is currently under conservatorship and cannot release funds without getting approval.

"At this point, Wendy is under a conservatorship that was ordered by a federal New York judge," Shawn said in a statement. "All expenses must be cleared by her guardian via the courts. There is a process where her expenses have to go through being verified and cleared before being paid."

Shawn went on to say that sometimes that process can take a while, which unfortunately could cause her to miss payment deadlines, such as her son Kevin's rent. "Wendy's hands are tied and there is really nothing she can do right now. It's a process that tends to go beyond the deadline of certain invoices. She, honestly, can't do anything about that," she stated. "It's really sad how some outlets take headlines and misconstrue information just to get clicks and likes."

In legal documents obtained by The Sun earlier this week, it's stated that Wendy, who forked over $100,000 for Kevin Jr.'s apartment, failed to pay the rent in February. In his statement, Kevin Jr. cited her failing health as the reason for being unable to make the lavish rent. "My mom went through some health issues that put the court in control of her finances," he said, adding that "all of the financial support that she always gave stopped," including his housing.

"For medical and legal reasons, she has not been able to pay the rent for the past months since the 1-year lease ended and the court controlled her finances," the 22-year-old explained. He went on, "Everything happened very quickly and unexpectedly and I had no idea things would end up like this." He later declared that he would be moving out on September 7.

So far, it's unknown where Kevin Jr. stays as previously it's reported that Wendy didn't allow him to live in her New York City penthouse. Wendy's brother, Tommy Williams, dropped the bombshell allegation in a 24-minute video he posted in July.

Kevin Jr. is not the only person whose living conditions have been impacted by Wendy being placed under financial guardianship. Wendy's ex, Kevin Hunter Sr., claimed he could face foreclosure if his alimony payments don't resume.

In a new interview with The Westside Gazette Newspaper, Kevin Sr. said that he and Wendy "should've got a divorce ten years earlier." The former "The Wendy Williams Show" executive producer claimed that his ex-wife knew about his relationship with Sharina, saying, "Wendy had caught me years before with Sharina and I came clean then and I asked her if she wanted to end the marriage and she didn't so we stayed together. I was too afraid of what would happen to Wendy if I wasn't there."

Elsewhere during the chat, Kevin Sr. talked about Wendy's current state. "I will only say for now, that it breaks my heart to see what is happening to her," he told the outlet. "I know she is not in a good place and she is surrounded by people who are taking advantage of her condition including this so-called guardianship."

"When our son stepped up as a young man to take on the responsibility of his mother's care I was so proud of him. That didn't last long once the people controlling her did everything they could to get her away from him," Kevin Sr. added. "I knew it would be a bad thing. These people tried to say our son was taking advantage of his mother. That is a lie!"

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