DJ Akademiks Is Not Afraid of Lil Baby's Threat, Says the Rapper Is 'Not That Smart'

When speaking about his beef with the 'Drip Too Hard' rapper in an interview, the YouTuber says he thinks the emcee is 'battling the perks and a lot of demons.'

AceShowbiz - DJ Akademiks has a few words for Lil Baby. Declaring that he's not afraid of the "Drip Too Hard" rapper's threat, the media personality said he thinks the emcee is "not the smart."

"My new nickname for Baby is 'Short Bus Baby,' Akademiks said when appearing on VladTV. "He's clearly just not that smart, bro. No one with half a brain would even think to discuss me and Lil Baby. Like, it just sounds stupid to say out loud, financially."

"He has one of those Tourette moments every now and then. You see him in the corner, he's just punching at the air, he's just flipping the water bottle," the YouTuber continued. "He's battling the perks and a lot of demons, I get it."

Akademiks went on to note, "I felt he was a little bit wild." He then elaborated, "When a rapper starts to threaten- I've said this to every rapper today: You will never win versus the media. The media drives the narrative, the media gives the tint that your career is viewed in, your personality is viewed in. I know a lot of rappers who don’t get a certain type of looks or they're not seen as favorably by the audience because they were an a**hole to journalists."

Baby name-dropped Akademiks in two of his recent songs. On "From Now On" ft. Future, he raps, "Really sturdy, a wall, n***a, can't beat me/ Akademiks know he ain't as rich as me/ Brodie ready to eat for a twenty piece/ I ain't got nothin' to say to you mini-mes."

Meanwhile, on "Top Priority", the Grammy winner spits, "Akademiks, n***as think they can't get touched." He continues, "Ion be on computers much, CED turnt me on to youtube/ I keep tryna tell em I'm different from what they used to."

Akademiks has responded to the diss though, writing on Instagram Story, "I heard le Bebe shouted me out twice in da album? Wat he say y'all pmo." He then shared a snippet of "Top Priority", adding several crying laughing emojis and questioning, "What le Bebe [talk about]?" On Twitter, he penned, "Lil Baby dissed me instead of Fani Willis (DA of fulton county) and his real opps.. Wat is Rap music."

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