Robin Roberts Told Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes to 'Stop It' Before Affair Expose
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Words are the longtime 'Good Morning America' anchor warned her two colleagues about rumors of an affair that were swirling around the network years before the pair were outed.

AceShowbiz - While Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes reportedly have received love and support from their ABC colleagues amid their affair scandal, Robin Roberts (II) has shown her concern over the pair's relationship. The longtime "Good Morning America" anchor allegedly once confronted the couple about their affair rumors before it was exposed to the public.

While it has been reported that Amy and T.J. left their respective spouses after a months-long affair, they were plagued by internal speculation about their relationship for years, going as far back as 2017, Page Six reports. According to one insider, Robin "pulled them both aside and basically said, 'Stop it,' " at the time.

Another source confirms that Robin asked Amy and T.J. about it because she was also hearing the rumors. T.J., however, denied it at the time.

Though they were adamant that their relationship was strictly professional at the time, T.J. reportedly was very concerned about the rumors and took the issue to higher-ups. "He was a correspondent at the time, and he didn't want Robin thinking that about him. He went to [ABC brass] and got ahead of it to dismiss it because it wasn't true," a third source claims.

A fourth source adds that T.J. spoke to former "GMA" executive producer Michael Corn because "it was absolutely not true, and it freaked them out. Amy and T.J.'s friendship took a hit when the rumors started."

While Amy and T.J. reportedly did not start having a romantic relationship until May this year, before separating from their respective spouses in August, T.J. was accused of cheating on his wife Marilee Fiebig with married "GMA" producer Natasha Singh starting in 2016.

"Amy was the person they went to talk to about their affair and marriages," a so-called insider tells Page Six. However, another source denies that Amy was their confidante and claims, "She didn't know about the affair until it was in its final stages. They told her about it right at the end."

Meanwhile, Amy and T.J. continue working together despite their affair scandal. On Friday, December 2, when co-hosting "GMA3", they appeared to poke fun at their affair expose. When T.J. jokingly said it's a "great week," Amy asked, "Is it?"

"I just want this one to keep going and going and going. Just enjoying it," T.J. added. However, when he advised Amy to "take it all in," the "20/20" co-anchor replied, "Speak for yourself."

On the same day, Amy was spotted moving out of her New York City home in the West Village, though the move was reportedly "scheduled before [the alleged affair was exposed]." A source tells Page Six, "She sold the apartment in September, and, ironically, this was her moving day."

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