SZA's New Album Cover Art Sparks Debate Over Its Resemblance to Princess Diana's Final Holiday Pic
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The 'Good Days' singer poses up on the edge of a diving board whole at sea in an unsettling replica of the late Royal gazing out on a luxury yacht just one week before her death in 1997.

AceShowbiz - SZA's new album cover art has divided her fans. The R&B singer, born Solana Imani Rowe, recently released the cover art of "S.O.S." and fans believed that she was inspired by Princess Diana's final holiday photo.

The "Good Days" singer unveiled the cover art on Wednesday, November 30. She posed up on the edge of a diving board while at sea in an eerie recreation of the late Royal gazing out on a luxury yacht just one week before her death in 1997.

SZA was dressed in a loose hockey jersey, with the words "SZA" and "S.O.S" written on it. The 33-year-old songstress completed her look with tan work boots and high white socks at the end of her bare legs.

The cover art sent her fans into a frenzy, with some praising SZA's idea to recreate Princess Diana's picture. "I love both of them sm i never thot SZA would pay homage to Diana like this," one person tweeted. A second added, "Sza 's album cover being inspired by photos of princess diana on a yacht a week before her death... yeah i am not ready for this album."

Someone else gushed over SZA's creativity, writing, "Referencing Princess Diana while struggling with having the spotlight on her and the pressure of fame and the media, which is what led to D's demise (at least by the official narrative). She has the mind of a mastermind."

Others, in the meantime, criticized SZA. "Concerning or creative?" one person asked. Another wrote, "she didn't keep the same posture tho but then again.. Diana looked like she really needed an SOS. Sis looking like she posing for vogue lol." Someone else remarked, "The right pic (Diana's) looks so artistic. Like there is so much on her mind. So much she may hv wanted to say. The actual cover looks stupid."

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