Wendy Williams Looks Extremely Scared and Very Fragile After Being Approached by Paparazzi
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In footage that has since gone viral on social media, the former 'The Wendy Williams Show' host is seen asking for a hand to help her when she arrives at her Manhattan apartment.

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams seemingly doesn't like to be around the paparazzi. The gossip queen was seen looking extremely scared after she was approached by paparazzi during an outing in Manhattan, New York City.

In footage that went viral on TikTok, the 58-year-old former TV personality could be seen looking extremely scared and very fragile after paparazzi got closer. The former "The Wendy Williams Show" host, who was only a few steps away from her apartment's lobby, was asked, "Hi, Wendy. How are you doing? You're looking good."

In response, a scared Wendy said, "Hi, thank you." The ex-daytime queen then asked, "Can I have your hand please?" She then repeated herself, "Can I have your hand? Somebody's hand," before she held onto a woman's hand. The said woman was standing next to the door of the apartment's lobby.

Wendy then walked slowly with the woman until they made it to what appeared to be an elevator. For the outing, Wendy donned a black T-shirt with black pants and her favorite furry boots. She completed her look with a bomber jacket with furry hoodie. She also carried a black tote bag in her right hand.

The concerning look arrived less than a week after Wendy appeared in a good state and healthy during an interview with 107.5 WBLS radio. During the candid chat, Wendy got emotional after a fan praised her work over the years. "Thank you all so much for being here today," a speechless Wendy told the female fan.

Wendy also said that she "can't wait to fall in love" despite claiming in August that she had tied the knot with an NYPD cop named Henry. During the radio show, Wendy detailed her ideal type of a man, saying, "I want him to already have kids. I want him to be someplace between some place around my age, maybe 20 years younger than me, and maybe 15 years older than me. You know what I mean? And then we'll be able to do things together."

Prior to the radio interview, Wendy checked into rehab for alcohol. She returned home on October 18. Announcing the news was her publicist Shawn Zanotti. "We are happy to report that Wendy Williams is home and healing after being in a wellness facility since August," said Shawn. "She wants to say, 'thank you to my fans for your love, support and many prayers.' "

Following her departure from rehab, Wendy's brother Tommy Williams said he believes his sister is still surrounded by "evil-doers." Tommy also revealed that she's been out of touch with her family since completing her rehab stint.

"I have no belief that Wendy is doing as well as she was doing when she was down here, in Florida," Tommy told The Sun. He then weighed in on her situation, "I know there are evil-doers lurking about."

Wendy's younger sibling then discussed her lack of communication with her family. "With her absence comes questions, and scrutiny; How is she living, what is she doing and what the hell is she up to?" Tommy wondered. "I was right there with her during the dark times many moons ago, and I think about this constantly…she going back to times before she was married. She's going backward."

"As we grow, we grow wiser..we go on with life," 54-year-old Tommy said before again seeming to direct his statement towards his sister, "Ensure the bag for yourself. You can't go back. What are you going to do, go back and do the things you have already done?"

Tommy continued, "To be honest, I want to talk to Wendy and talk her off the ledge of whatever she is doing. I'm simple and I speak the truth." He further explained his goodwill, "I'm hoping in my truthfulness on what she's doing, maybe she'll come back out, maybe she'll poke her head out. And if she does, I want to say to her, 'Let's get to work on this thing, let's stop wasting time.' "

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