Jennifer Aniston Struggling to Launch Her Eco-Friendly Haircare Brand
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The 'Just Go With It' actress talks about her business venture that fell through because of Covid-19 pandemic and caused her to being 'stuck' on Instagram.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Aniston opens up on struggling to launch her haircare brand on social media. Despite hating social media, the 53-year-old actress signed up to Instagram for the first time October 2019 with the intention of using it to promote her haircare brand LolaVie but once the pandemic hit she was forced to use the app full-time because no other launch options were available.

"I wanted to create a product that is good for the environment, good for our hair, take out all the crappy chemicals, and have it perform," she said. "I hate social media, I'm not good at it. It's torture for me. The reason I went on Instagram was to launch this line. Then the pandemic hit and we didn't launch. So I was just stuck with being on Instagram. It doesn't come naturally."

The "Friends" actress went on to explain that she is "so glad" she grew up in a time without the Internet and feels "better" in her 50s than she ever has in her whole life. She told Allure, "I'm really happy that we got to experience growing up, being a teenager, being in our 20s without this social media aspect."

"Look, the internet, great intentions, right? Connect people socially, social networking. It goes back to how young girls feel about themselves, compare and despair. I feel the best in who I am today, better than I ever did in my 20s or 30s even, or my mid-40s. We needed to stop saying bad s***to ourselves. You're going to be 65 one day and think, I looked f******great at 53!"

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