Nurse Reveals Quavo's Desperate Plea to Save Takeoff After Shooting

The nurse, who was a first responder at the scene, describes her frantic effort to save the 'Last Memory' rapper after he was shot at a Houston bowling alley.

AceShowbiz - Quavo desperately pleaded with a nurse to save Takeoff after his nephew and Migos bandmate was fatally shot during an altercation at a bowling alley in Houston. A nurse, who was a first responder at the scene, has spoken up to describe her frantic effort to perform first aid on the rapper.

The nurse, who refused to be identified, said she went to help because she lives near the bowling alley. She told local news outlets that she heard a "cry of agony" after shots were fired. "I was scared, but I had to go," she explained. "I could not have lived with myself if I knew I had the equipment to save his life and I didn't."

The nurse rushed to her car to grab medical equipment before making her way to the bowling alley. But by the time she got there, it was too late to save Takeoff. She explained why she couldn't perform CPR on him.

"That would not be appropriate, especially with a gunshot wound," she said. "Would never do CPR because you would be circulating the blood, and the blood would come right out of the [bullet] hole. So, the first thing to do is to put pressure on the wound."

The nurse also detailed Quavo's emotional reaction after the shooting. She realized that it was his screams that she heard before she arrived. "After I told him, he said, 'No, no,' and I started crying," she recalled. "And he grabbed me and said, 'Please, please,' and I started bawling."

Takeoff was shot and killed on November 1 at 810 Billiards & Bowling in Houston, Texas. According to reports, Quavo got into a heated argument after he had lost a dice game. The group then took the argument outside and it continued to escalate.

At that point, Quavo attempted to leave, but before he could, a punch was thrown and at least ten gunshots rang out. No arrest or charge has been made so far as police continue to gather information from eyewitnesses.

According to a coroner's report, Takeoff's cause of death was gunshot wounds of head and torso into arm. He was only 28 years old.

On Friday, November 4, his family and friends honored him with a candlelight ceremony in Atlanta. In a video which circulated online, attendees released balloons into the sky amid softly burning candles.

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