Ray J Calls Out Diddy Over His Feud With Kanye West, It Backfires
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The younger brother of Brandy, who has had run-ins with the Yeezy designer due to their mutual connection to Kim Kardashian, insinuates that he has told Diddy about Ye but he didn't believe it.

AceShowbiz - Ray J had a few words to say to Sean "P. Diddy" Combs amid his feud with Kanye West over the "White Lives Matter" T-shirt. The "One Wish" singer called Diddy for not believing him, but it backfired because a number of online users came after the crooner.

It all started after Diddy shared a photo of himself on Instagram. "On this Sunday, I hope we as a people stop all the Coonin' and baffoonin! We don't have the time! We are under a state of emergency!!!" he first stated.

"Unapologetically black first! Because they unapologetically think about us last," the Bad Boy Records founder added. "But remember, I told you the last shall be first and the first shall be last!!! Take that!"

Catching wind of the post, Ray J, who has had run-ins with Ye due to their mutual connection to Kim Kardashian, re-shared it to his Instagram Story. "Yo Puff- I came to [your] house and told you a couple of months ago I had some issued with certain [clowns]- n***as was quiet- now all of a sudden," he penned.

People were not happy to see Ray J inserting himself into the drama. One person in particular wrote, "Ray jay just want to be in everything." Another commented, "Ray what was Diddy supposed to do about your problems? Go to people that you know actually care about you. We're regular people and we know not to go to Diddy for a damn thing lol."

A third suggested, "Ray J go see a lawyer/therapist! Ain't nobody finna be fighting yo battles when you was in on the bs." A different user argued, "Ray j PLEASE FOCUS ON YOUR HEALTH AND LEAVE ALL THIS OTHER BULLSHIT ALONE! You worried about the wrong s**t!"

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