Wynonna Judd Finds 'No Answers' as to Why Mom Naomi Committed Suicide

Wynonna struggles to come to terms with the fact that her mother Naomi Judd killed herself as she sees the matriarch as someone who was 'always so determined' in life.

AceShowbiz - Wynonna Judd says she won't be able to understand why her mother Naomi took her own life. The 58-year-old star explains that she has been left "baffled" by the tragedy because there are "no answers."

"I can't quite wrap my head around it and I don't know that I ever will. That she left the way she did. That's how baffling and cunning mental illness is. You have to make peace with the fact that you don't know. Sometimes there are no answers," she said.

The "Love Can Build a Bridge" songstress added it was so "hard" to come to terms with the idea that because her mother was such a "determined" person in life, she must have been "determined" to die.

She told PEOPLE, "[My mother] was always so determined. No matter what happened to her. Being fired, being forgotten. Being fired. Being forgotten. A single white female raising two babies by herself. On welfare and food stamps. She never gave up."

"So think about that and apply it to every stinking part of life, including death. With the same determination she had to live, she was determined to die. It's so hard to comprehend how someone can be so strong and yet so vulnerable."

Wynonna shot to fame alongside her singer mother - who committed suicide in April 2022 at the age of 76 after years of suffering from depression - as part of country music duo The Judds back in the 1980s.

Prior to Naomi's death, the mother-and-daughter duo had planned to stage a reunion tour and in the wake of her mother's passing, Wynonna is determined to "celebrate" her legacy as she carries on with the show joined by fellow country stars such as Faith Hill, Martina McBride, Little Big Town, and Trisha Yearwood when she travels the US this October.

She said, "I have to celebrate the joy as much as I can. That's part of the reason that I'm doing the tour."

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