Kelly Osbourne Suffers From 'Terrible Heartburn' and 'Rapid Weight Gain' Amid Pregnancy

The former 'Fashion Police' co-host has detailed her struggle with gestational diabetes while she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Sid Wilson.

AceShowbiz - Kelly Osbourne won't be able to "eat the same again" after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. The condition - which develops during pregnancy and usually disappears after giving birth - caused the 37-year-old star to re-evaluate her diet.

"I had terrible terrible, terrible heartburn, acid reflux, my feet were swelling, and I was having rapid weight gain, and I was like, 'I don't understand this, I'm not eating enough to make this add up, what's happening?' " Kelly - who is expecting her first child with Sid Wilson - told Entertainment Tonight.

"So, I went to the doctor, and I'd already done a test and passed it, but then when I got to my third trimester, they tested me again and it turned out that I had gestational diabetes, and the whole time, I just sat there being like, 'What what did I do wrong? What am I eating that's so bad?' Because I thought I was eating relatively healthy."

"It turns out, I was not, but it was not anything I did. You either get it, or you don't, and I think it's more to do with me being 37 than any amount of sugar that I was eating. But now that I know what I know about sugar, I don't think I'll ever eat the same again."

Kelly previously revealed that she thought she was the cause of her health troubles. The TV star - whose symptoms have included weight gain and fatigue - said, "At first I thought it was something that I had done."

"I only got diagnosed with it well into my third trimester, so it wasn't like I developed it as some people get it from the get-go when they're pregnant. I got it in my third trimester and, basically, I thought it was something that I had done wrong."

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